Hudson Valley Horrors Battle for Home Turf

The DracuLadies and the ApocaLips Battle it Out for Home Turf Advantage

The DracuLadies defeated the Apocalips 199 -118 in the Hudson Valley Horrors Roller Derby League’s battle for home turf advantage.

DracuLadies Jammer Squirrel Jam #49 Making Her Move In The Outside Line

The DracuLadies took an early lead as Squirrel Jam, a visiting skater from MidHudson Misfits Roller Derby, put up two 14-point jams within the first eight minutes of the bout. Dodge ChargeHer also helped push the DracuLadies ahead recording a 23-point jam, the highest scoring jam of the bout. Heading into intermission the DracuLadies lead the Apocalips 113 –56.

While the Apocalips’ jammer, ShenAnakin Skywalker, a visiting skater from Suburbia Roller Derby, continued to challenge the DracuLadies throughout the second half, the DracuLadies could not be stopped and came out victorious.

“Both teams played like their lives depended on it,” said Poutine Riot, ApocaLips skater. “It was derby the way it’s meant to be played — tough and intense with moments of sheer elegance.”

DracuLadies Blocker S. Scar Go #00 Blocking ApocaLips Jammer ShenAnakin Skywalker #66 From Scoring

After the bout, officials honored the most valuable jammer and blocker from each team. The MVPs of the bout included DracuLadies jammer Squirrel Jam and blocker S. Scar Go and ApocaLips jammer ShenAnakin Skywalker and blocker Ramma Jamma, a visiting skater from Suburbia Roller Derby.

“What a blast that was! It was one of the most fun games of the whole year,” S. Scar Go said. “This season I switched over from the ApocaLips to the DracuLadies and what a thrill it’s been. And then to end it with a win and MVP Blocker, yeah I’m happy!”

In addition to the action on the rink, the Horrors also featured Hurricane Maria disaster relief as the charity of the bout and collected donations from fans to aid victims of the natural disaster.

While the home turf battle was the Horrors’ last bout of the 2017 season, the team is already looking ahead to the 2018 season with tryouts scheduled for March 20 and 22 at Hyde Park Roller Magic.

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