Poughkeepsie Profile: South Hills Cinema 8 Movie Theater

Often times people see movies at the Regal Galleria in the mall, or the Roosevelt Theater in Hyde Park, but what many people seem to forget, is the Empire South Hills 8 movie theater. South Hills is a place with eight cinema screens that likes to set their prices a little old school, and show the biggest hits about a month after they get out, once the first tier movie theaters are done showing them.

“South Hills reduces their prices to appeal to their community and loyal customers” said District Manager Marysol Santana. They offer a small five dollar movie price, with a two dollar deal on Tuesdays. This attracts a certain amount of customers who don’t want to go to the mainstream theaters that charge anywhere from $10-$14 a ticket or higher depending on whether you see it in 3D. Even popcorn and drink are a little cheaper than the typical place.

They seem to run on a bit of an honors system. The man who sold me the ticket, also sold me the popcorn and drink and trusted me to head over to theater two, rather then the other five that were in the same hallway. The manager was also the one who checked each theater for people sneaking around, as well as swept the floors after. They have more jobs for fewer employees, but it gives off a real hard-earned and relatable feel to it. Even the seats are old fashioned. Taller and a different material than what we all have come to expect. Certainly not the new leather recliners that are being introduced in select places.

While there, you can see all kinds of posters like you would up on a college dorm, some old and some new. Right about now, you can find late summer/early fall movies playing such as Suicide Squad, Don’t Breathe, The Secret Life Of Pets, Finding Dory and a few others. Marysol Santana explained that it is entirely up to the owners and distributors to decide on what movies they show and don’t show. Finding Dory and Suicide Squad were big cash cows this summer so for those who missed it, they still have a chance. For other movies like the new Blair Witch, it’s still relatively recent and popular so guests may still have an urge to see it.

Despite a few rumors tossed around, Marysol Santana confirmed that they have no affiliation with the Galleria, which is almost next to them, very close down the street on South Rd. When the mall decided to rebuild and reconstruct, they separated from the theater but South Hills remained open and then independent. It truly is one of those rare finds (quite literally, for it’s behind a few stores in the back of a parking lot) thats worth experiencing if you happen to find them playing a movie you missed but wanted to see, or just didn’t feel like spending too much money on. South Hills has been thriving in Poughkeepsie, mall or no mall. That goes for its other four in New Jersey and its location in Providence, RI as well. South Hills Cinema 8 is located at 1895 South Rd. S. Hills Mall in Poughkeepsie in between Buffalo Wild Wings and Panera Bread.

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