Vignettes of the Hudson Valley: Manny’s Art Supplies, Thursday, August 31, 4:04 p.m.

The sign located outside of Manny’s Art Supplies on Main Street.

Main Street is bustling with activity on this sunny Thursday afternoon. Students are spotted heading home from school, cafés and bistros have a steady stream of customers and neighboring owners converse among each other. The busiest store, however, is Manny’s Art Supplies, a prime spot for art materials since 1962.

Today, I meandered into the art store and decided to hang around the register. The register is located near the entrance of the store and waves of people continuously come and go. The pens section, directly across from the register, which is occupied by two teenage girls, who are searching for the best color their 85 cents can buy. A young girl was arguing with her mother about purchasing several shades of purple paint. The mother was firm when responding no and tugged her daughter’s hand behind her as she left the store.

The wide selection of paint brushes Manny’s Art Supplies offers.

I walked through several aisles. The paintbrush aisle contained three cardboard displays with several models of brushes sticking out. I saw a girl contemplating which style of brush to buy and then sketching a picture into her sketchpad. An older gentleman left the tools section with a ruler, a tape measurer and a pair of scissors in hand and proceeded to the register.

“How are you Zach?” The older gentleman asked the mid-20-year-old cashier with spiky black hair and gage-hole earrings as he placed his items on the counter.

“It’s a lively time of year,” responded the cashier, as he shook his head and began scanning the items with a price gun and placed them into a white plastic bag.

One may speculate the liveliness Zach is referring to can be attributed to the students at SUNY New Paltz since Manny’s Art Supplies is a hotspot for them.

I wandered towards the greeting card section in hopes of spotting the perfect card to give my friend for her birthday this week. A white card with an intricate floral design and a yellow envelope catches my eye, so I head to the register to make my purchase. I was greeted at the register by a middle-aged woman with short, fair brown hair and a younger blonde woman, presumably her daughter.

“I always enjoy visiting your store, I can’t believe it’s been around for 55 years,” I tell the older woman as she folds my card up into a brown paper bag.

“Thank you! It’s the definition of a mom and pop place,” says the older woman, who identified herself as Marilyn Golgowski, the store owner. “This store has been in my family for generations. Manny, my father, opened this store.”

When I am outside, I spotted the girl with the sketchpad drawing Manny’s Art Supplies. I thought to myself how it must be nice to have artistic talent, and I laughed silently as I recounted my own horrible drawing skills.

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