Comparing Small Town Mariposa, USA to Large City Belluno, Italy

Even though Mariposa and Belluno are across the world that does not mean that they are different. You may be surprised at how many similarities they have. The differences they have may be big or may be little. The events that happen in Mariposa and Belluno may be similar they may be different you never know.

Mariposa and Belluno have both similarities and differences. In 2013 Mariposa’s population is 17,755. During the last few years between 3.4 million and 4.1 million people visited Yosemite National Park. Yosemite has hiking, climbing, rock climbing and many more. If you are not adventurous then I recommend you don’t live in Mariposa or you learn to become adventurous.

In Belluno, Italy there population is larger then Mariposa, because they are actually one of the largest towns in Italy with a population of 212,667 people. Which was last recorded in December of 2012. It has an area of 1,420 mi squared. It is located in about 100 kilometers north Venice, Belluno is the capital of the province of Belluno. It is the largest populated area of Valbelluna. It is one of the 15 municipalities of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park. Belluno was named Alpine Town of the Year in 1999. Some of the main sites is a cathedral called The Duomo with the 18th-century bell tower designed by Filippo Juvarra. Also, the fountain of Piazza Del Duomo. The average temperature in Belluno is 84 degrees fahrenheit the lowest temperature it is 32 degrees fahrenheit. According to my resource Chiara Fumelli “it’s cold in the northern part of Italy” which is where Belluno is located. Chiara Fumelli says “they survive for skiing and tourism”.

When I search about Belluno, Italy not very many things came up. In the website it states the activites to do, what to taste, and what to see Belluno is a kind of a mountain resort with many activities to do. Also, in the official website of Mariposa has many information about the activites, meetings, history, and job postings.

Belluno was conquered by French and became a subject of the Australian empire as a part of Venetian Province. It remained under Australian power even after the Napoleonic War until 1866. In 1866 when it was ceded to Newly formed kingdom of Italy. In the 5th century B.C. it was inhabited by Celts and Veneti. The Romans gave the city town charter. Belluno has benefited from the city of Venice until 1797 when french troops invaded the city.

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