Introducing GUILD Ambassador: Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth Gralton, our first GUILD ambassador in New York City!

A native of Brookfield, Wisconsin, Elizabeth is a natural organizer, enjoys helping others, and isn’t afraid to make a phone call. She brings 9 years of experience as a licensed architect to the GUILD network (which took her 5,600 hours of field work and 7 exams to pass, by the way) and is excited to be part of a community that challenges and supports one another in their careers!

Five fun facts about Elizabeth:

1. When she was 10 years old she wanted to be: “Really good at sports. But soon after, I accepted my fate as a band geek.”

2. Her drink of choice is: The Last Word. Unless a chocolate milkshake is on the menu…

3. The biggest hurdle in her career so far has been: “Learning how to effectively communicate with people. A career isn’t just about the work you do but the relationships you build.”

4. Her secret skill: Cooking! You name it, and she’ll find a way to create it.

5. Her mantra:

Knowing nothing will ever be perfect is the challenge. Always pushing ahead is the mission.

We’re thrilled that Elizabeth is jumping in and helping us develop our New York City presence. Want to see what else Elizabeth is up to? Follow her personal instagram, or see what she made for dinner last night here!

We’re always on the search for new GUILD ambassadors, no matter where you live! Interested? Click here to learn more about the GUILD ambassador program!