What is The Hack?

Here is a pattern:

  1. VC invests in tech startup that thorugh technology eliminates jobs
  2. It gets traction and becomes a platform.
  3. Less jobs for you and me.

A question for you even if you are not in your fifties like me, why buy into that which destroys the jobs and hope some other force saves our job?

Of course we could say take some basic skills and put all those tech platforms to a different use of creating businesses for ourselves.

This is part journal part advice column on how to do exactly that when you do not have the resources.

Please do not buy into that whine of please Politician, Union Leader, etc save our jobs…they do not save them and in fact use such illusions to keep their power base while giving you nothing. Instead get angry and focus that anger on building your own business.

It’s harder for those some power-bases to take away something you have built and own as it has no dependence on those corrupt power bases.

Welcome to The Hack, we are going to hack this so that I and YOU get what is OURS.