5 Scientifically Proven Reasons You Should Go Braless To Bed

Bras In Bed Are Just Bad

Women often argue about whether it’s better to sleep with a bra or without one. While some women say that it is best to sleep without a bra, there are others that argue that sleeping with a bra will help to defy gravity and keep things looking up! To add to the confusion, there are several myths floating about like “studies” that say that wearing a bra to bed can cause breast cancer. To put that bra myth to rest — the answer is simple — wearing a bra to sleep will not give you cancer! However, that does not mean that you should wear a bra to bed; in fact, here are 5 reasons why you should toss your bra before you go to bed.

1. Braless = Better Sleep

No matter how comfortable your bra is, it is going to be constrictive. If your straps are too tight, it will dig into your skin and if it is too loose, it will slip off and catch around your arm and restrict your movements while you sleep. Even if your bra strap is not too loose or too tight, when you move around in your sleep, it could ride up and cause discomfort. You might sleep through the discomfort, but your sleep will be disturbed.

2. Wearing A Bra In Bed Can Cause Skin Discoloration

Hyperpigmentation or dark spots or patches are often caused by constant chaffing in the same spot. Wearing a tight bra to bed will cause skin discoloration as the cloth rubs against your skin which causes friction and irritation.When skin irritation is occasional, it is unlikely to cause hyperpigmentation. However, when you wear a bra to sleep every night, the skin irritation occurs in the same spot over and over again, which is why it leaves a lasting mark on your skin.

3. Sleeping In A Bra Can Cause Skin Infections

Yeasts thrive in warm and moist environments which is why people often get skin yeast infections in the folds of their skin. Wearing a bra to bed will trap your body heat and perspiration under your breasts and this will <strong>increase the risk of a skin infection. The candida yeast that causes vaginal and oral thrush can affect the area under your breasts — this infection is known as submammary candidiasis. Another common skin rash called intertrigo affects the skin under the breasts and is linked to lack of air circulation, heat, and perspiration.

4. Sleeping 8 Hours In A Bra Can Change The Physiology Of Your Breasts

Lymph is a clear fluid that circulates through your tissues to cleanse them and this liquid then drains through the lymphatic system. Wearing a constrictive bra to sleep can impair blood flow and affect the lymphatic channels in your breasts. When the lymphatic drainage is stopped, you will experience fluid retention and chronic inflammation in your breasts.

5. Going Braless To Bed Improves Circulation

Wearing a bra to bed impedes circulation, especially if you use a bra that has underwire. The straps of your bra as well as the side panels can slow down the blood circulation to your breasts as well as your arms. The low blood circulation in these areas will affect your nerves and muscles and leave them weaker. When you sleep at night, your body repairs tissue damage that occurs during the day so if you sleep with a bra, you will find that any muscle aches and bruises on your arms and chest take much longer to heal.

Women who have spent years wearing a bra to bed might find it difficult to go braless to bed. It may take you a while to get used to it, but it’s obviously healthier to go to sleep without a bra so you should make the switch… enjoy the freedom!

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