No Shave November & Movember: Everything You Want To Know About These Hip Health Trends

Really, WTF is #NoShaveNovember?

November is here and what can we say? While men have already packed away their grooming kits and are all set for the most awaited part of the year, the #NoShaveNovember, women around the world are sulking and threatening their men with #NoSexNovember instead! Either way, men who have pledged not to touch a razor will stick to their guns, while for those of us who do fancy bearded men, social media will be delightfully flooded with pictures of sexy bearded men!

But have you ever wondered what gave rise to the craze around #NoShaveNovember or #Movember? For most people it begins and ends with men not shaving, so as to follow some bro-code that we don’t really care about. Consequently, most of us fail to realize the positive ideology behind the whole campaign! For this very reason, we at TheHealthOrange decided to walk you through the entire history and idea behind #NoShaveNovember. Read on!

What’s No Shave November?

The whole idea of No Shave November is to give up shaving and grooming for the whole month, in order to encourage and provoke meaningful conversations, thereby helping raise awareness about cancer.

Origin Of No Shave November

The origins of No Shave November can be traced back to the Chicagoland Hill family tradition that has been running for quite a while. However, it became a wide scale initiative only after the family lost their father to colon cancer, in 2007. Since then, they decided to make it a full-fledged campaign to educate people about cancer. The goal is to ditch the razors for the whole month and donate (the money that you would have otherwise spent on grooming) to cancer fighting foundations for research, prevention, and education.

Rules To Be Followed

Three simple rules are to be followed to be a part of #NoShaveNovember:

1. Put down your razors for the month of November

2. Donate the money you saved from hair maintenance expenses

3. In case of strict office dress code, the basic grooming and trimming is allowed!

Who Can Participate

If you thought only men are entitled to participation in this noble cause, you are in for a surprise. Women too can be a part of it! Ask how? Simply quit shaving or waxing ladies! But most importantly, don’t forget to donate.

How To Participate

Simply not grooming and donating is only the first step of participation. If you are competitive enough, sign up with a whole team (or even individually) and start fundraising for the cause. You can register yourself or your team by logging onto their official website.

So this November, don’t just quit your razor without thought. #MakeADifference by contributing to a cause by #LettingItGrow!

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