How to do 80% less stuff

a simple exercise in managing drama

Something about a flaming sword

ME: Did I talk to you about Pareto?

OTHER HUMAN: No don’t think so

ME: Pareto 80:20 principle

OTHER HUMAN: I know it — what about it?

ME: So 80% of your work is tedious bullshit dressed up as drama and the 20% is the difference you make, the 20% is the important stuff.

OTHER HUMAN: It feels like less than 20%.

ME: So theoretically (and actually — see the Charles Davies/Laurence Shorter/Emma Wallace School of Doing Nothing) you can commit to only doing the 20% and being infinitely more wonderful.

ME: So make a list (or a spreadsheet). In column one write 80. In column two write 20. List the things that are tedious dramatic bullshit in column 1. List the difference making things in column 2. Systematically say fuck off to column 1.

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