Best 2017 Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

I consider myself as an independent and self-relied individual when it comes to travel. I prefer traveling with small group of close people, or simply just with myself because god knows the hassle of combining a lot of ideas from a lot of stubborn hungry heads deciding where to eat on a trip. Traveling alone also makes me able to truly build strong connection with the city, its culture, its people, and most importantly, myself. There is something so satisfying in a fact that you can decide where will your feet step next without having to hurry because one person wants to visit this certain place that you actually aren’t really attracted to.

Traveling alone is also some kind of therapy for my body and soul after long weeks or months struggling with university. Started from this, I want to gather places for you beautiful open-minded women, who want to embark on unforgettable journeys in finding yourself and inner peace for a youthful life.

Kyoto, Japan

You probably have already heard many quirky words people are spreading about their trip to one of the most modern metropolitan countries in Asia. While Tokyo sparks more group-travel fun experiences, solo female travelers can head to smaller city in Japan, Kyoto. Touted as the most beautiful city in Japan, Kyoto offers you astonishing experiences as you stay at peaceful villa surrounded by green lushes scenery and cherry blossom trees in certain months.

Hong Kong

Rapid city development turns Hong Kong into one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. I put this one on my list because who said that when you are traveling solo you can’t have some big city fun and enchanting nightlife? Hong Kong is also said to be one of the safest cities in the world. So, pack your bag and get ready to be spoiled with Zen-like experiences with the touch of sexy girls night out with fellow female travelers you meet along the way.

Tulum, Mexico

Sweet summer breeze, crystal blue ocean melts with the horizon, pretty summer dress with mojito in your hand, dancing along the reggae slash jazz laid-back tune. Safe, beautiful, and a lot more peaceful than the surrounding tourist destinations, Tulum is a tropical getaway that lets solo travelers meet each other as well as having a relaxing yoga by the beach.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Forget Bangkok traffic and Phuket stuffy beach bars and head immediately to Chiang Mai. This place is such a safe and picturesque destination for solo female travelers wanting to enjoy the beauty of small town in Asia. Surrounded by lush countryside and mountains, Chiang Mai is much safer, quieter, and greener compared to any other cities in Thailand. Besides, the expat life is so thick here so for you needing some sort of comfort from your home country, you will surely get it here. Pay a stop at one of many vegetarian restaurants and yoga places to find your inner peace before getting ready of another life-thrilling vacations.

Reykjavik, Iceland

As a matter of fact, Reykjavik ranked in the first position by Global Peace Index as one of the most peaceful places in the whole world. But, being extra safe doesn’t mean you can’t find spark of fun. This city, after all, is the epicenter of life and culture of Icelandic people as well as one of the country’s focal points of tourisms. Eclectic, laid-back, and downright beautiful, solo female travelers can enjoy a mean-time in postcard-perfect attractions. Your Instagram will thank you, for sure.

Palawan, Philippines

I have to admit that this place is straight out of a fairy tale book. I was traveling with fellow female traveler from Manila and I have to say this place awakens some kind of freedom spirit from inside of our soul. Its towering limestone cliffs and the underground river are the obligatory places to visit. As for the plus point, the people in Palawan are super friendly and easily approachable if you need help for something.

Various cities, Norway

Oslo was my very first life changing and eyes-opening solo travel experience. I was broke back then after full month volunteering in Warsaw and really wanted to travel so I didn’t have to think twice when I found super good catch of cheap flight ticket there. With no images at all in my mind, I packed my backpack, hopped on small packed plane, and got greeted with super chilly temperature, and it was at mid August. I have to say this place made my busy and tired mind finally rested a bit by sipping hot chocolate with the view of fjords from afar. With mesmerizing scenery and interesting locals’ way of life, Norway will always be my favorite (even though I wish that the weather could be slightly warmer).

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The rise in Croatian tourism has improved the ease of travel and the country’s low crime rating heightens the appeal. One look at the oceanfront medieval city of Dubrovnik and all your worries will vanish. Enjoy freshly-made palačinke at the pretty artisanal bakery while taking picture of cobblestone street and white-washed buildings with spectacular bird’s eye views of the Adriatic coastline. Solo travelers can also join plenty of local tours and do kayaking with locals as one memorable experience.

Sydney, Australia

Wild, wild Australia. Australia is always been on top of my bucket list of country that I will visit over and over again. Back to my nostalgic experience of living in Sydney for 6 months, I put this Australian city on the list. I love the large backpacking culture that you can find in every corner from trendy hippy hostel until many bars and restaurants with a lot of solo female travelers sitting enjoying their morning toast with little bit of honey and vegemite. Also in my opinion, all those female travelers intentionally travel alone in Sydney with goals to make new fellow wanderlusts and experience the city together. Sydney is an absolute foodie heaven with fresh pick-up ingredients from local farms everyday. Just grab your map, make some friends, and let the wind takes you to a lifetime journey.