What To Wear As A “Girlboss” Under 30? 5 Looks You Can Easily Pull Off

I’m pretty sure that all girls my age who get into the business world often face a debate within — to wear or not to wear? You know, Hamlet wasn’t even close to the level of difficulty I’m talking about here.

What length of a skirt can be pretty tolerable for office? How pants can be not way too boring? What can you wear in spring and summer? What looks good on your figure and what doesn’t and where to get it? I will show you on some of my looks of 2016 with shoppable links.

Business Lunch Look

If you’re about to join some tough business guys for lunch, you shouldn’t be mentally obliged to wear black pants and a white shirt/blouse. Even though I have worn this type of closing quite often for business meetings because it’s probably the most comfortable type of clothing, sometimes, I admit, I do want to look lady-like. Wear those heels, have your hair done real nice, etc. Remember, girls, a dress is never an attire that might make you look less tough, serious or business-oriented. Whoever says so is just talking bullshit. So my suggestion of an outfit could be this.

Here I’m wearing:

- black classic heels 8 cm high (shop similar here)

- dark violet bodycon dress (shop similar here)

- black leather jacket (shop similar here)

The pros of this outfit: You look gorgeous, confident and sharp. It suits spring, summer and early fall.

The cons of this outfit: You have to watch out for your posture all the time. This outfit doesn’t look good if you don’t keep your spine straight. Your feet might hurt after the long day without changing shoes.

Important to remember: don’t wear a dress that is higher than your knee line, it will look provocative and not very suitable for business lunch. If you don’t want to put on high heels (which I highly do not recommend, because this look is the most rocking when you wear heels), you can wear some black flats. And this will be the case when your dress can be above your knee line, although, don’t make it too much higher.

Casual Office Look

Even if you have a team you need to lead, you still can wear casual. Your team is made up of humans, not robots. They wear casual clothing and you have the same right as them. You don’t need to push yourself into the limits of strict black&white attire. In fact, your attire does make an impression on people, however, your actions and your leadership is the thing that leads them. If you don’t feel confident in the clothes you wear, people will be able to feel your lack of confidence too. So here is my suggestion of an outfit for a casual day at work.

Here I’m wearing:

- black sandals and white see-through polka dot socks. (shop similar here)

- casual dress (shop similar here)

- embroidered denim jacket (shop similar here)

The pros of this outfit: It’s a very comfortable, stylish, and sort of “girlish” outfit tooJ Even though you’re wearing a dress, you’re still not looking provocative or something. Sandals make the best fit for the warm weather and your feet won’t get tired throughout the day. This outfit suits spring, summer and early fall.

The cons of this outfit: The socks with sandals look very cute. But you might feel a bit hot in them if the weather gets too hot.

Important to remember: It is better to wear a loose dress rather than a tight one for this outfit. It will look much more casual and simple. Heels are not recommended for this outfit too.

Job Interview/Breakfast Look

This outfit is a perfect fit for a breakfast with a potential business partner or interviews with job candidates, meetings with the clients, etc. I remember that I was wearing it while interviewing future colleagues, as I remember. It is also a neat choice for the after-work cocktail with friends/boyfriend. It’s pinkish, yeah, but hey, we’re girls, so we can totally pull off this color.

Here I’m wearing:

- pink summer heels 6 cm high. (shop similar here)

- loose flower print pants (shop similar here)

- white tank top (shop similar here)

- pink overcoat (shop similar here)

The pros of this outfit: There are quite many. You’re wearing loose pants that are really light and look more like a skirt than pants actually. However, you get the feeling of comfort that only pants can give you. The height of the heels is not too much to bear, they are actually quite comfortable to wear and make your legs look longer.

The cons of this outfit: I have none. Really, this outfit is everything you need on a spring/summer day in/out of the office.

Important to remember: Please, please, pleeeease, do not wear flat shoes with this type of pants. Then, no matter what pants, your legs might look much shorter and thicker. I have put my hair into a little bun, which is a good type of hair style for this outfit since the silhouette is quite baggy, so it’s better not to have curly and fluffy hair too. A pony tail or a bun make the best choice.

Corporate Party Look

Corporate parties happen. And when they do, you gotta look gorgeous too. This is an opportunity to finally put on something you wouldn’t normally put on to work. It is, however, important to not push the edges on this. You’re the leader, the manager, the boss, whatever, so that role doesn’t vanish as you step into the party location. My suggestion for a party outfit would be this.

Here I’m wearing:

- black tights and heels 8 cm high. (shop similar here)

- red bodycon long sleeve dress (shop similar here)

The pros of this outfit: Red is a great color for any woman. Blondes, brunettes, red heads — anyone can pull it off. Besides, red is a color that expresses passion and energy. What can be a better fit for a party? I chose black tights, although, you can choose see-through tights too. It won’t harm the look at all. Black tights are suitable for winter or fall and see-through tights or no tights at all can be suitable for summer or spring.

The cons of this outfit: It’s good for slim silhouette. Also, this outfit asks for a sharp makeup, so if you’re not skilled enough in this, do go to some beauty salon. A nice hair-do would be a plus too. I do not recommend wearing all this without good makeup and hair.

Important to remember: Nude color shoes will fit this look only with see-through tights.

Shootings Look (If you’re a journalist too)

This is a perfect look for shootings. In my company I’m not only a manager, I’m also a journalist. I don’t mind going to the shootings and filming video reports. I actually enjoy it. But being in the camera spotlight requires good looks. And this is the case when you need to “dress to impress”. And not only dress, but also talk, ask, smile, act, and everything else. Therefore, I have one look I’ve saved for this blog that I was wearing during one of my shootings.

Here I’m wearing:

- leather pink camo heels 12 cm high. (shop similar here)

- white dress (shop similar here)

The pros of this outfit: This outfit suits best those girls that shaved their legs. (Major LOL). Talking seriously, I’m not sure that anyone can feel comfortable in this outfit, however, if you feel confident in heels and a dress length higher than the knee line, then it’s the dress for you.

The cons of this outfit: It’s uncomfortable. The heels kill you with the height and the skirt length draws too much attention to your legs, although, sometimes, it is complimentary ;)

Important to remember: Try to wear only solid color dress, without any patterns. Patterns might make your look way too flashily.

This is it for today, girls. I hope it will give you some good inspiration for your future busy days at work. One last important thing to remember — do choose what is best for you and what feels right. During the majority of work days I honestly look like crap. Or at least not that fancy for sure. After sleepless nights and long days at work you can’t really look that good all the time. Another important thing — what looks good on me, might not look good on you. And that doesn’t mean you should get slimmer or thicker and likewise for me. We’re all different and in our diversity we’re beautiful. That’s the wisest thought of the whole blog post, I guess ;)

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