Screw overworking. Let yourself live or you will die hustling

I have just returned from vacation and plunged into all possible immediate tasks I had. You know how it goes. After you return from vacation it seems like everyone wants something from you ASAP. No excuses. It’s the “all deadlines passed a week ago” type of feeling.

But for some reason. I couldn’t care less. I structured all the things I had to do, prioritized them, and I am still sorting it all out. I’m feeling content with my pace of work, despite the fact I haven’t completed all the tasks yet. I know my priorities and I know that as long as nobody dies if something isn’t yet completed, it’s not urgent for me not to sleep, eat, or, well, simply live.

A year ago though, I would be dying, sitting in the office till very late at night the very first day after vacation or continue working at home till long past midnight, because “I’ve got work, so much work to do!”. If my boyfriend asked me if I want to go to a cafe after work, I’d say (always) “What? No, I have work to do! So much work! Because that isn’t done, or I have to watch over this, or I have to check that, etc., etc., etc.”
Well, who am I kidding, I would work during my vacation too! Because, work, work, work! You must always work! That’s what is cool! Great people are always working!

Why was I such an idiot?

This is what society tells us. For some completely stupid reason, many social media influencers post dozens of posts where they put themselves on spotlight by saying how ridiculously busy they are. They say they hate Friday because that’s when everyone wants to stop working and get some rest.

Well, for goodness sake, if you love to work so much, go and work, work till you die. Don’t spend time with your family. Don’t enjoy the fresh air. Don’t listen to birds. Don’t have sex. Don’t sleep. Don’t laugh. Go and freaking work! Starve yourself to death. But do not make other people believe that this is cool because it is not.

People deserve to live

A year ago, I would read this and say “What a completely silly girl wrote this crap? Like who needs a slacker at work”. Well, let me tell you the following. It is important to work passionately and it is important to work hard. But “hard” isn’t equal “all the time”.

I would like to ask all those people on social media who are making an impression of themselves working constantly, “hustling” as they call it, — get rest! Become kinder and more compassionate. Because the moment you put more of yourself into work than into life, bad things happen.

I remember very well the time in my life when everyday routine changed from “get up and enjoy my morning” to “get up, drink 3 pills before the meal, 2 pills after the meal, 1 pill an hour after the meal on my way to work”. Doctors I have never knew about or visited rarely became my very good friends. I’d get crazy about networking. I ‘d go to different gatherings and meetups. I’d come to events and talk to lots of unknown people who would come up to me and ask about something or someone, ask for contacts or opinion, and I would smile and try to keep up with a conversation, having no freaking clue who the hell they are, why I am talking to them. When was the last time that I dedicated the same amount of time to talk to my mom who deserves this moment with me a million times more than any of these useless favor-seeking people?

I’d get emotional after someone’s behavior or words hurt me at least a little bit, I’d get nervous and aggravated. I’d yell at somebody and then cry in the corner of my bedroom in the evening after work, miserably sitting on the floor and silently questioning myself “How did I get to this point?”. And I knew the answer.

I lost myself somewhere between Trello tasks, Google Calendar appointments, emails, and all this pathetic networking

Never again. At some point, it struck me that I don’t want to become the worst version of myself and hate my life because all this constant work pressure drains me out. I started letting myself sleep more. Drink more water than coffee. I’d spend more evenings with my boyfriend and longer weekends with my parents. I’d read things for my pleasure, not only for my professional growth. And some books gave me more knowledge and inspiration than the standard business coaching books, to be completely honest.

I still feel the pressure of work. I work full time. And then I come from work and do some extra work for my own good or I help other people with their business. I like to feel that I am occupied because when I don’t feel occupied, a burdening thought of being lazy creeps all over me. But it’s not like it was before. I know my limits. I know my priorities now. I don’t want to die “hustling”. Here is a great quote posted by Audrey Kitching.

The point is that you don’t need to start laying on the bed all the time, waiting when success strikes you. You have to work for it persistently. There is no elevator to success, you’ll need to take stairs. But you don’t want to fall right after you reach the top. Please, do not get deluded by all those people who claim they work 24/7 because it is not fully true. If someone worked as much as they claim, they’d be dead by now or they’d just get so psycho that nobody would want to interact with such people because all work and no rest makes people evil, irritated and aggravated. In fact, many of this crazy-speed workers do this.

Have your read Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson? Well, read it, please. I mean, Steve was and is a legend, but he died too early cause he just didn’t want to treat himself with some rest. And we need such legendary and great people alive on this planet, to make it a better place for the humanity. I want such people to live longer and happier lives. So please, treat yourself with some quality life. Enjoy life.

Hope you re-read this next year. When you start overworking again.

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