Toward a More Inclusive IAC

How BLM is informing the planning of the 2021 Information Architecture Conference

  1. As Vanessa mentioned, IAC’s Scholarship Program has offered about 30 full scholarships to people of color since 2018. The full scholarship, which will continue in 2021, includes the cost of tickets, airfare, and hotel.
  2. Beginning with IAC20, IAC has proactively reached out to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to increase student participation. Outreach alone isn’t enough. This year we now have a first-ever student co-chair who will help to deepen university outreach.
  3. IAC held a Diversity & Inclusion Roundtable in 2018, creating a roadmap aimed at bringing more diverse speakers and attendees. More needs to be done. In addition to bringing this back in 2021, we are, more importantly, looking at ways to translate these ideas into action.



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IA Conference

Formerly IA Summit. The premier gathering place for people & ideas in information architecture + user experience. #iac21