Hi, I am Rio.

Rio Otoya / Maya Dhamma is a mindfulness advocate and teaches Yoga and Huna techniques for personal empowerment and stress reduction. Rio teaches mediation at gPause, Google’s Mindfulness Initiative, and works at the Google Launchpad Accelerator program. He holds advanced certifications from India and has practiced for over 11 years.

I grew up in Lima Peru and art studies brought me to the UK. In London, I evolved from being a painter/ Illustrator into building collaborations and communities in the creative, tech and startup worlds (more on LinkedIn)

Along the journey, I experienced depression and burnout, which lead me to seek out techniques to stay balanced. Seeing their transformational power, I feel compelled to share what I learned.

With Van Riper — head of gPause & Well-being at Google, and Rich Fernandez — CEO of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, at the Mindful Leadership Summit, Nov 2017

At Google, I learned to teach secular and science based mindfulness as this approach is favours inclusivity (no belief system is required), however I first came to the practice from a spiritual place and learned in traditional contexts (yoga ashram, buddhist centre/ temple)

As a teacher, I learned that I am simply as student that shares his practice, and that I can only teach the techniques that I practice and that have honestly worked for me.

Talk and Meditation Session with 120 employees at Talent Garden’s Family Gathering, Nov 2018

Some of the sessions I guide

  • Pranayama — Yogic breathing for stress reduction.
  • Yoga Nidra (The Yogic Sleep) — Guided relaxation and visualization.
  • The Inner Advisor: Intuition development & Visualization Workshop.
  • Mental Fitness: And Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation (presentation & workshop).


Please go my Eventbrite page for upcoming events.


Rio is a great facilitator. His voice is very calm, his instructions clear, and his explanations help understand the techniques and nuances. I loved the session and look forward to attending moreNathalie, Google employee, for a Yoga Pranayama Class

Rio’s rooftop Yoga session was exactly what I needed after work day on a Monday. Perfect balance between relaxing breathing and dynamic movements and postures.Google employee, for a Yoga Asana Class

Rio’s Inner Advisor workshop felt like putting glasses on to look at my life! I left with a clearer view into the questions I need to answer in my life right now, and how to think about doing that. I’d recommend a visit to ‘the garden’ to anyone interested in self development and perspective : ) - Trish Kennelly — VP of Experience at Remote Year

We organized an Inner Advisor workshop with all the keynote speakers that attended the 2018 edition of NomadCity which was an outstanding experience. Rio led a group of over 20, many of whom have met right before the workshop and managed to achieve a high level of involvement and great energy. Everyone was really satisfied with the experience and we are certainly counting with him for our upcoming events. — Ignacio Rodriguez, Founder of Nomad City

Contact me below to organize a talk or workshop

@rio.dhamma | LinkedIn

Or leave your contact here to be in event announcement list.

Teaching Yoga Asana (Hatha) at G2G Yoga (Googler 2 Googler) — Kings Cross , London, August 2018

The Inner Advisor

All our personal power, answers and clarity come from within.

Rio Otoya [Maya Dhamma]

Written by

Speaker, Meditation & Yoga Teacher. Guide of The Inner Advisor technique. Works at Google Launchpad. LkIn: https://bit.ly/2ng6f4P | Instagram: @rio.dhamma

The Inner Advisor

All our personal power, answers and clarity come from within.

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