Healing Pranayama Breathwork: A Mind and Body shift.

Rio Otoya [Maya Dhamma]
Aug 10 · 6 min read

Experience a shift of consciousness, and energy release to become unstuck, more grounded and connected to your intuition.

We practice Breathwork to get out of our rational head and into our emotional body. Through an active and rhythmic breathing technique, we allow our body to move energy and release trapped emotions.

Breathwork practice can help us:

+become unstuck,

+make us feel more grounded,

+hear more clearly our intuition,

+find a greater sense of inner calm.

The practice is guided, performed lying down, with the use of music and some scents to facilitate the healing process.

Breathing is like pressing the reset button

Our bodies have memory, they are our vessel for this life experience and they store all our memory and emotions. Simple things, like daily stress can accumulate and become burdensome over time.

These emotions get stuck inside our muscles, guts, habitual thinking patterns etc. Some emotions can become a weight that holds us back as we try to move forward (and upward) in life. Breathwork can help us release some of that.

Your breath is your guru (teacher) — Yogic proverb.

The breath and the mind-body connection.

The mind and body are connected. When we relax the body, we relax the mind. When we relax the mind, our body follows. Breathing techniques (fast or slow) are the key to influence and control our autonomic nervous system and even our immune system. For example a slow breathing will eliminate the stress hormones cortisol from our body, and a fast breathing (like in Breathwork) burn toxins in our blood through the rapid exchange of Oxygen and CO2.

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts — Thich Nhat Hanh

Why I am guiding Breathwork

During my personal journey into holistic practices, I had a vision of the breath being like a life line or rope we can follow (If we are ever lost) to find our way back home. The breath is our connection with the source. It is the indicator or life, our life is what happens between our very first inhale and our very last exhale. It is an honour and a joy it is to help others experience this practice.

My role as a Breathwork facilitator

I hold space and create a safe environment for the practice. I am acting as your guide through a practice that allows your body to heal (align) itself by balancing energetically.

My personal experience

The first time I practiced Breathwork, I felt as if I had taken a small dose of Ayahuasca. I had a clear vision of a sadness I was still carrying and was able to release it by crying. Following the session I felt lighter, like a weight had come off my shoulders. During the session, I noticed how people around me where expressing different kinds of emotions. There was some laughter, howling, screaming, …something beautifully primal.

All our power and answers are within ourselves already, we just need the ways of accessing them.

What type of Breathwork?

“Breathwork” is an umbrella term for various types of breathing practices.

For example “Transformational Breathwork”, “Shamanic Breathwork”, “Holotropic Breathwork”, etc.

Each has slight differences but share the same core practice. Many trademark or brand it breathwork. The Breathwork I practice is a 2 step Pranayama that we refer to as simply Breathwork or Healing Breathwork. I learned it from Erin Telford, as taught by David Elliot.

I guide 1:1 Breathwork in person and online. Please leave your name if you are interested in more or to ask me a question, here. You can also message me on Instagram


I am very grateful with Rio. He guided me through the power of my own breathing and guarded the place (energetically and physically), actions that gave the freedom to focus completely in the work within me. He acted as guardian and as an emotional lighthouse, using different tools for me to ride the breath journey: inspirational music, perfume oils, incense, and his own voice. I felt completely secure to go deeper into my own shadows and light. Powerful stuff. I completely recommend Rio, and I hope I will do another breathwork with him pretty soon.

Mauricio — Entrepreneur and Photographer, Peru/ USA

I meet Rio only one time in Bali and I directly tuned with his energy. So when I saw he was doing this breathwork session, I directly wanted to do it with him. What I really like about him is that he is super present and he is very intuitive. He knows how to read you, and his presence makes you feel in a safe place. I could let go my tears, anger, as Rio knows how to give you all the space you need for these intense expressions of yourself. I was feeling in confidence with him. Its actually all about letting go things that are not necessary anymore in your life, and Rio with some metaphores help me to see things in a new way. After the session we had a little chat that was very helpful. I really needed this session! feel calm and more focus now. Big thank you Rio for your presence, kindness and listening!

Hila— Graphic Designer, Israel

Río guided me on a unique journey inside myself. As a breathwork virgin I put my trust in him which he honoured and gently accompanied me as I went to depths that released a range of strong emotions and he compassionately held space for me while I experienced what was there to experience, and then softly brought me back to the entrance of the journey. That he managed to create this experience online and not face to face is testament to how well he is able to do this work.

S — Entrepreneur, UK

Breathwork it’s a powerful tool to connect, re calibrate and woking up the body in so many levels. It was really important to have someone like Rio as guidance and to held the space making me feel safe to open up and go deeper into my inner-work during the session. I would defiantly recommend this breathwork if you are looking to healing your emotions! Peaceful soul journey :)

E — Art Director, UK

I love Rio’s gentle, kind presence. In my Breathwork session from the very beginning he harnessed a safe space to let go, to unhinge all inhibitions, to go deep to fully surrender with full compassion. Its such a gift in todays world. There was softness yet firm guidance, like a safe hand to hold onto throughout the process. Even as a frequent meditator, it always amazes me how incredibly powerful our simple control of the breath is, how transformative. How much of a profound impact it can have on our body, on our emotional body. I felt so deeply relaxed, and yet energised after our session, but more than anything I felt emotionally and physically cleansed. Ana, Sociologist and Yoga instructor.

Ana — Serbia / UK

About the facilitator

Rio Otoya (Maya Dhamma) is a Yoga teacher, mindfulness coach and a Breathwork facilitator. He certified as a yoga & pranayama teacher in India in 2011. He worked 4 years at Google, where he led startup programs and led meditation classes with gPause, Google’s mindfulness initiative, as well as for entrepreneurs from around the world.

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The Inner Advisor

All our personal power, answers and clarity come from within.

Rio Otoya [Maya Dhamma]

Written by

Speaker, Meditation & Yoga Teacher. Guide of The Inner Advisor technique. Works at Google Launchpad. LkIn: https://bit.ly/2ng6f4P | Instagram: @rio.dhamma

The Inner Advisor

All our personal power, answers and clarity come from within.

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