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Sofiathinks revolutionizes home security with Yoigo Smart Home

We join forces with Yoigo to present its new intelligent home service, which protects the house at any time. Easy-handle, this service uses a system by voice and allows users to chat directly with their homes via Telegram

The thinkers at our living lab

Today is a very significant day for sofiathinks: We join forces with Yoigo to launch Yoigo Smart Home. This new service offers users a safer life at home thanks to an intelligent, proactive, and very easy handling technology for everybody. This launch means another step in our commitment to building truly intelligent homes.

This launch means another step in our commitment to building truly intelligent homes

We want to lead people into the next era of intelligent homes by bringing together user-friendly software and Artificial Intelligence. Yoigo Smart Home is powered by our cutting-edge technology. It allows many actions related to housing protection, whether the inhabitants are at home as if they’ve left. Thus, users can activate the home protection system by voice or simply texting the words via Telegram. Monitor your second residence, check that your parents are fine at home, or protect your small business, are some of the possibilities that you will enjoy for a very low price.

Besides, in case of a home intrusion, the smart speaker emits a deterrent siren, and the customers receive a notification with a five-second video through Telegram to know what is happening inside their home. In this way, they can instantly see who is entering and act accordingly. If somebody tries to get in, the clients receive a call and are notified that someone has broken into the house.

Yoigo Smart Home is powered by our cutting-edge technology which brings together user-friendly software and Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand, with the monitoring activated, users receive, if they want, a notification via Telegram with each entry into the home, being able to request a video to make sure that the person has arrived safely. The users can also chat with their homes via Telegram and ask who has entered and left the house and when.

Yoigo Smart Home kit

Yoigo Smart Home includes the following products and features:

  • A state-of-the-art smart home kit
  • A smart speaker with Amazon Alexa voice service
  • An HD camera with night vision
  • A door and window opening sensors
  • A motion sensor
  • Voice with Amazon Alexa and chat with Telegram

Its installation is totally effortless. The kit comes with adhesives, so there is no need to drill any hole in the wall, the guided installation takes just five minutes, and users don’t need any technical skills. However, they can reach Yoigo’s technical service whenever they want to solve any doubts.

The price of the Yoigo Smart Home service is only 10 euros per month forever, which is five times less than similar services on the market. With it, customers have home protection when they are at home or away.

A journey to the center of the house

This alliance with Yoigo is crucial for our start-up’s trajectory. A journey that started in 2017 when a group of data scientists, electronic and software engineers, and industrial designers decided to found sofiathinks and begin this adventure.

The fact that Yoigo has trust in our technology validates our vision, that of building truly intelligent homes for everybody, and not only a few savvy tech and wealthy people. Homes that proactively help us feel safer and more comfortable focusing on what really matters, such as home security, energy-saving, or family care.

After these three challenging years, we’ve created a proactive and autonomous technology that learns directly from each home’s inhabitants. Yoigo Smart Home is the first in a series of products and services that will soon be out on the market for everybody to enjoy.

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Welcome to sofiathinks, the extraordinary combination of Software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the ability to think.

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