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Blog 31: The difference between a profit-first business and a Employee-First business

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It’s quite obvious that more businesses are starting to slowly invest more and more money in their employees with perks like free food and other things and more of these businesses keep popping up. This is quite new as the first company to truly embrace this approach was Microsoft in 1979. Microsoft moved from the dorms of Harvard to Washington State at this time and they invested into a huge campus.

If any of you have seen this place, you would do whatever to move here and work there. It was designed to create and foster a healthy environment. It’s located in Redmond, Washington, just outside of Seattle. It’s 502 acres in total footprint. The place offers employees, free food, a fully stocked gym, a clear and natural environment, Volleyball Courts, Basketball courts and more things that would make me wish I worked here.

But more companies embraced that vision. Particularly Tech companies.

Google Came along in 1996 and with their stock price climbing after their IPO in 2004, they invested some money into GooglePlex. A place that they could call home.

The Googleplex is the workers paradise. Absolutely No Cubicles, Free food and a work culture unlike any other.

Other companies have tried to create and replicate the work cultures of modern Tech Companies, so the question is, what makes their work culture so different versus the formal work culture.

Dress Code

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Most tech Companies have abolished the formal dress code for a more casual and friendly vibe. T-shirts and Jeans have replaced button down shirts and suits.

This allows for a more relaxed approach to work. It makes those around you more relaxed and also allows for more efficient workflow. By getting rid of a dress code you also contribute to demolishing a large part of the professionalism of the workplace.

This allows for a more free environment to display opinions and more effective thinking as well as a more dynamic methodology of allowing a form of self expression that typically is hidden till after hours.

This typically targets those in the 21–28 age range and companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are companies that pioneered this culture.

Work Culture

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More and more startups are embracing a more employee focused culture with more liberal and useful work cultures cultivating more organic connections.

This is the idea behind Apple’s 5.1 Billion dollar Head Quarters in Silicon Valley.

It’s shaped in such a way that interns, employees and other staff can create and constitute spontaneous connections over ones that are forced into existence through spontaneous meetings.

These types of meetings are very fun and how some of the most remarkable meetings came to be.


The work culture of the 21st century has begun to change drastically, from insanely professional to very casual and friendly environment. Companies that prioritize employees by offering different services and experiences.

I wanna apologize for taking so long to come back to blogging. I’ve been dealing with several personal lifestyle changes all of which take some time to adjust to as well as school becoming too busy.

I love blogging and honestly there were times where I considered stopping the blog because it became too hard to do. But my passion for the Blog and for being able to express my opinions in a no-judgement zone.

I am glad to be here and ready to keep blogging for a consistent period of time yet again. Blogging for a while was the best way to express myself, and so not being able to blog was a big void but now I’m back and better than ever.




Hi!! My name is Akshith. My primary goal with this blog is to create a centralized community of investors around not only the US Stock Exchange but also around concepts like Venture Capital and Real Estate Investing.

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