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Here’s a headliner, You may soon be able to buy a Tesla with Dogecoin Crypto.

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Dogecoin is a strange crypto with a quite meme like beginning, originally started because of a viral meme that then prompted in the creation of a coin with over 52 billion in net value, Dogecoin is still in Crypto Infancy, and its about to get a huge push from one its most vocal endorsers, Elon Musk, the Technoking/CEO of Tesla.

Musk, who is 50, and has extensive background making Zip2 and PayPal before adopting Tesla from its OG founders and SpaceX from his Childhood Dreams, So he has extensive experience with Data Aggregation and most of the Crypto Infrastructure.

While no one knows if Musk owns any Doge, he is running a DOGE-Give away, worth in the ball park of 350M to 400M USD, but there are some problems. Dogecoin is losing most of its traction in its climb from 0.02 to 0.76 which came during the Meme Stock Rises, Doge Started as a joke as a meme with a dog went viral and now its the second main stream crypto to see meteoric rises aside from Bitcoin.

Doge could see an upwards of a 200% Scalability Rating if this actually happens and could crack the 90 cent range or even the $2.00 mark for the first few days. Based on how many purchases are made, that number could climb even higher.

Doge has never made it past 77 cents and if this happens it may boost Doge’s status into the stratosphere lake the Falcon Heavy does with Cars. Excuse my terrible joke but regardless that’s what’s happening with this crypto.

Musk is what the internet says is ‘The Doge Father’, even though he did not create Doge.

Is this Currency really gonna break the record held by Bitcoin?

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