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I’m back!!!!!!!

So as you are probably aware, I took a small break from Blogging a few months ago.

Blogging is far more content heavy than Youtubing and Podcasting Combined.

Blogging requires a level of research that takes days and sometimes even weeks.

After Blogging for almost 32 weeks consecutively,I had hit a content wall also known as creator burnout and had severe writers block. I decided to re-align my priorities and work on myself and flourishing as a person. As a full time college student, I also need to work on my academics and on college, so I took some of that time to work on myself.

Blogging can be very valuable but it takes time to master and to be fair I haven’t even come close so to master the craft I have come to love with a passion, I had to take some time and evaluate all of my best tools and options.

Blogs will continue weekly starting after the second week of December.

Watchlists will move to once a month at the first week of December.

News Articles will move to once every two weeks with the biggest news stories being featured at a different level.

Thanks for all the love and support.




Hi!! My name is Akshith. My primary goal with this blog is to create a centralized community of investors around not only the US Stock Exchange but also around concepts like Venture Capital and Real Estate Investing.

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Akshith Konda

Akshith Konda

This is gonna be fun!!

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