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Okay, so this is the Actual Stock Picks for this week that was last week.

So this week the Market actually began to recover from the weird strangle hold that Reddit had on it.

Robinhood finally explained it’s move to restrict trading and growth skyrocketed so high that Robinhood almost shut down. The events with AMC, GME and other stocks that rallied had begun to fade.

This week has kinda been a return to normalcy but as things like recovery and a massive rallying of certain stocks can be economically exhausting for the market. SO with out Adieu let’s get it!!!

Watchlist #1- This week I will be giving you some stock picks and I will also link their stock ticker symbols as well. This Watchlist might be small for the overall scope of this blog but this week we have Five stocks that are stocks to look at

  1. Albermarle(ALB)- Albermarle is a Lithium Company with a lot of upside and with a hefty valuation of $17.9 Billion and a relatively good price. Albermarle is a definite buy for the long haul. Albermarle produces lithium products from Lithium Carbonate, Lithium Hydroxide and Lithium Chloride products which are used in Lithium Ion Batteries. With a price of 157.19 It would be a good stock to buy and watch carefully.
  2. Apple(AAPL)- Apple is a lifestyle company who is known primarily for the construction of the iPhone, Mac Book, iPad, and Apple Watch. Apple has some upside and some down side but its also just a simple investment. Apple currently holds the highest valuation of any publicly traded company beating out the Alexa Making, E-Commerce Giant, Amazon, whose valuation of 1.73 Trillion is already too high but Apple’s is in the ballpark of 2.2 Trillion. Apple has a lot of upside this year but like any investment there is a little risk. Apple has little downside but has no true exponential growth but as their Apple Car becomes more available I’m sure we’ll see some of that growth return to the Company Steve Jobs revolutionized. Apple is priced at 138.19 per share.
  3. Tesla(TSLA)- Tesla is a EV Manufacturer and Energy Giant and while about 60% of their profits come from issuing tax credits and EVs and Battery packs, Tesla has made some of the highest moves of 2020 and is continuing that trend into 2021. Moving into the S&P 500 index looked like a horrible decision but its actually helped stabilize Tesla’s ever moving and event based Stock Price. Tesla has a stupid valuation of anywhere from $740 Billion to $830 Billion but no one knows if it’s actually over valued but it can be argued. In 10 years Experts estimate Tesla will be worth in the ballpark of 2–4 Trillion dollars.Tesla has far too much room for long term growth and with 2 factories and two upcoming models coming out those doors.. there’s a lot of upside even in 6 months. Tesla is priced at 857.19 per share.
  4. Walmart Inc. (WMT): Now all of us know who and what Walmart is but Walmart is a multi-franchise and multinational Shopping Corporation that runs over 10000 stores over several nations. Walmart has more room for growth now that along with Oracle they own some portion of TikTok. Walmart has seen some growth due to the purchase but it will definitely take some time. Walmart Inc. is worth anywhere between 291- 328 Billion definitely not the smallest but far from the biggest in the world. But as the biggest grocery chain on the planet it comes as no surprise that they would survive the Hurricane that is Amazon. Walmart Inc is priced at 144.17 per share.
  5. SPDR BioTech ETF(XBI): Biotech is a very new and very risky investment but as the industry evolves and gets more attention especially in 2021 and beyond we can expect to see it grow ten fold. The XBI ETF is unknown with the Valuations of the industry it describes and the Bio Tech industry is worth in the ballpark of 200 Billion or More. BioTech is up and coming in the new era of tech and as it continues to evolve. XBI is priced at 144.17 per share.

This may seem like a terrible line up all together but there’s a lot upside here and in the long run there will be a good gain for you all. I hope you all decide to become followers and all of your Enjoy the Big Game today!!! Comment who you think will win!!!


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Hi!! My name is Akshith. My primary goal with this blog is to create a centralized community of investors around not only the US Stock Exchange but also around concepts like Venture Capital and Real Estate Investing.

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