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Risers for the week of 02.22.2021 to 02.26.2021

Welcome to the second risers section Update and this week was hard to do in terms of this section so hope it gets a like? Sorry about the last two weeks, I ran into a few snags and well I was in the middle in a centennial Freeze over so…. Yeah!!!

What are risers?

Risers are stocks that go up and stay going up for the duration of their weekly trading cycle. Risers are usually stocks that need to be sold or that will continue to post a profit for their share holders.

Risers are great to invest in if you know what to look for but if it seems to go too high then pull out and exit immediately.

Risers carry with them a severe level of risk and short term dependability.

How many good risers are there this week?

This week was a catastrophe on Wall Street and it kind of shows itself in the worst ways. Most people saw a large loss and it reflects the point of the market at the moment. The Market is not at a very stable level nor has it been since last week. I will only give Risers this week just to make this easy on not only myself but on you all.

Risers of the week:

  1. Twitter(TWTR): Twitter is one of the biggest names in the world worth over 59.6B, in the last few weeks, Twitter has skyrocketed in value and it’s make Jack Dorsey and his Share Holders Very Very Happy. Twitter is priced in the ball park of 75.00 but as a Riser it could go to $71
  2. AMC Entertainment (AMC):AMC is a very large line of theaters and with COVID-19 sweeping the globe over, it’s safe to say that AMC has no shortage of bad luck for most of 2020 and about half of 2021, AMC is about $8.29
  3. GameStop Corp.(GME): Gamestop is on another roll thanks to the same Reddit group who caused the last surge but at this point no one cares. Gamestop has a week high of 141% Up and you should probably get in before it comes crashing down on us all.
  4. ProShares VIX Short-Term Futures ETF(VIXY): VIXY is a very complicated ETF as it involves more short term holdings and more companies like Rocket Companies, Stericycle and more like this. VIXY is priced around $13.00
  5. ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ ETF(SQQQ): Another Short sell ETF this has more long term gain that VIXY but SQQQ is actually more of a practical investment portfolio rather than VIXY.SQQQ is priced around $14.17


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