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What you shouldn’t put your money in?

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Hey guys so I’m gonna flip the script and instead of giving you what to do…

I’m gonna give you what not to put your money in right now.

Introduction and Welcome Back!!!

Hi there guys.

I’m Back officially.

So This is the Finance Spot, A blog where I write a watchlist and a blog weekly. Both once weekly. The Finance Spot takes time to compile as I am still a college student.

I also have a podcast with friends that we make and it’s awesome. It’s called the OYOTF or On Your Own Two Feet Podcast!

On Your Own Two Feet is a motivational/sociocultural podcast in which we dive into the big topics of human, cultural, and philosophical lifestyles, making it engaging, entertaining, and easy to understand for today’s youth and Tik Tok Generation, as well as explaining and creating thought-provoking and insanely thoughtful content all the while, so in short, we discuss things in the ranges of the Future to Mental Health and more.

OYOTF seeks to inspire a new generation of Entrepreneurs and Visionaries to tackle the issues of modern society. Join us as we talk with new Entrepreneurs and discuss their paths and the difficulties they faced. We talk about everything we can from Mental Health to Identity to the Lives of Billionaires. We get into some deep topics. We also talk about random things like Elon Musk and his meteoric rise in 2020–2021.

Listen to the OYOTF Podcast everywhere you listen to podcasts. We are doing our 2021 Recap this week and its kinda cool not gonna lie.

Things you shouldn’t put your hard earned money in!

These are five critical stocks and cryptos you should not put your money in.

GoPro(GPRO): While the company has been posting an average of 10% gains in the last year, a lot of that is driven by Meme Stocks and Wall Street Bets in Early March that went on till Early September. GoPro managed to use that 10% gain to stabilize but is instead in constant flux as it continues to hover around the Annual Low for 2021 which is 7.02. GoPro Suffered greatly from Over Valuation as it IPO’d around 9B but due to several factors, it is now valued at around 1.7B and it’s suffered with growth since 2013 as most companies that went public around the same time have grown at a steady rate of 15–25% annually. There is no consistent growth model for GoPro which makes it super risky with absolutely no guarantee of a return.

Rivian Automotive(RIVN): In a Year of basically where COVID has been able to run free, Rivian was able to IPO in the 12 Digits and due to one key component of Rivian’s Sales model and Business model, their stock is the only reason they are even remotely alive at the moment . Rivian had investments in the nine digits from the likes of Amazon and Ford. Rivian IPO’d at 128.7 Billion at a price of 127.85, Rivian has no sales yet but they do have pre-orders. While having preorders guarantees some revenue, it’s not even close to fulfill certain profit maximization metrics for a car company especially one like Rivian which has many large capital investors along with a very straight forward profitability plan. Rivian is set to roll out production in Spring to Summer 2022 of the R1T and R1S, with a plant in Illinois and a second to come online in 2024. I’m not saying don’t invest in it. I’m saying wait for about four months then invest.

BitCoin(BTC): With Bitcoin the Problem is a different breed. Its that there's more demand than there is supply. so the Price is driven to higher means. The Price of Bitcoin in 2019 was an average of 15,000, in 2021 the average was about 35k. You can buy a Crypto and a lot of the same principles apply, a good crypto to buy is SHIBA INU(SHIB) which runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Bitcoin has the problem of being the first of something and when you are the first of any commodity, you usually run the risk of becoming overvalued insanely quickly.

NIO(NIO): A Chinese Tesla, NIO has been working around the clock and after a 1000% jump in stock price last year Nio Basically spent all year losing momentum. Nio isn’t worth enough to operate at the same capacity as Tesla, which is worth about 1.01T as of Dec 23.Nio lost 11 dollars per share this year as of Dec 23 but it has another week to regain its momentum if it can but it won’t be likely.

Ethereum(ETH): Ethereum is just very volatile but suffers from the same issue that Bitcoin does. Except while Bitcoin is the first Crypto, Ethereum is the first Crypto with actual cash value per coin and now has practical value to Crypto Assets. Ethereum is just very sparse and has an second crypto which is designed to make it cheaper to use but will not go live till 2022 or 2023 at the latest. The reason I say don't buy it is that the value depends a lot on how many people mine ETH which isn’t that many.ETH is overshadowed by BTC and so with that don’t buy it, Mine it.

With the year wrapping up there’s not much I can say other than thank you.

2021 was a year full of events and joy. The Finance Spot was born last year around December 8th. It’s now December 23rd of the next year and I was still unsure if the Finance Spot would survive a year but thanks to you all, it did.

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Thank You and see you next week.




Hi!! My name is Akshith. My primary goal with this blog is to create a centralized community of investors around not only the US Stock Exchange but also around concepts like Venture Capital and Real Estate Investing.

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