Part 3: Florence

When you actually get to where you’re trying to go

Florence is quite a sight.

A wall
Mercato Centrale, before the throngs
The Duomo. A faint pink and green.
All the arches.
Thanks to me, now you have an industry.
The tower.
Outside the Uffizi, where you can skip the line for 70 bucks.
Love that dirty water.
Rooftop Uffizi views
The tour guide providing all the Rick Steves-ian tips.
From somewhere up the Duomo tower.
In the shadow tower, looking at the Duomo.
Staring down at people who would inevitably block the path back down.
Looking out at Florence from the tower.
A smaller dome, a Martini sign, a train station, the market, and more.
Folks wise enough to make proper reservations to climb the Duomo.
One of the finer squares.
I’m a sucker for weird vintage shops.
Dave’s not here, man.

It was a short stop in Florence, but we got aclimated quickly. We had fine food, enjoyed ourselves, and packed up a Ford C-Max and headed out.

Part 3: Tuscany.

“If you’re thinking of getting a place there, don’t bother. There’s really nothing available.”
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