How to quickly design startup logo.

Don’t waste time

I wrote this post because I have experienced that people take too much time & money designing a logo for their startups or projects. I am one of them, especially because I am a designer myself and we are a species who believe in perfection even though no art is perfect in its raw nature.

Be clear

Due to vast opportunity of possibilities with design, clients are often confused (if they don’t have a designer who can easily make things simple for them) regarding how they want their logo to be look like. 70% of the clients I have worked with hand over brief without what they expect of me. But the best result we had with clients who were a bit clear about what they are looking and then trusted our process to get there and cooperated throughout all the phases.

So I have wrote a detailed article on blog of my remote freelance design and development agency :

5 quick tips for a better logo design for startup

Summary for those who skim

  • Meaning is not always important
  • Don’t use colors initially
  • Have your logo distinguished from logotype.
  • Sketch ideas on paper prior to hiring a professional
  • Move fast by selecting one concept
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