Starting a Web Design firm from Scratch

This Tuesday I decided to start a Web Design firm. Here is my progress so far (4 days)

Day 1: Decided the niche — Dog Trainers

What does this mean?

This means I am starting a Web design firm which will make websites for Dog Trainers. I believe selecting a niche makes a lot of things easier:

  • easier to gain trust of a client
  • easier to understand the exact pain points of customers.
  • easier to find clients, you just have to find out a place where people in your niche hang out.

Day 2 & Day 3: Made two Website templates for Dog Trainers

Why make website templates?

Because I do not have any previous experience. The common response that I will get from customers when I reach out to them will be: “have you done any such work in past?”, “could you show previous websites you have made?”.

Since I do not have any previous work to show, it will be difficult to gain client’s trust. So, I designed these templates. Plus, I plan to give away these templates for free, so it has some marketing benefit too.

Day 4: Website up and Outreach started

Bought domain name: for the firm. Designed the website and hosted it on one of my VPS on Linode. I tried to keep the design as minimum as possible to save unnecessary efforts before getting any feedback from clients.

Also, setup free email hosting for email address on Yandex. I want to limit my expenses to minimum as of now.

For outreach I am currently using Instagram. Once was up and running, I messaged 10 Dog trainers on Instagram about my service. None replied till now.


Expenses: $12 (domain) + $5 (Linode VPS)
Outreach: 10
Leads: 0
Income: -$17

Next Day’s Task

  • Reach out to 20 Dog Trainers on Instagram
  • Setup Google Analytics for
  • Design improvements on

I will share my daily progress report here. Follow The Journal(at: to receive updates on this journey.