How to download instagram photos

Is there a time that you really wanted to download that instagram photo of your crush or just wanted to make it a wallpaper? I know how and in this tutorial I will teach you. It’s so easy! But for now it only works on iOS.

Downloading the app and importing the workflow

  • Download Workflow in the Appstore, it’s free
  • Open workflow and prepare the app
  • Open your browser Chrome or Safari
  • Copy this link into your browser,
  • After opening the link, it will open Workflow app and new workflow will be added into the app called INSTAGRAM FROM URL

Downloading photos

  • Open your browser and find a instagram photo
  • Once you have found an instagram photo, copy the URL
  • Open Workflow App and tap INSTAGRAM FROM URL then press play button.
  • Tap Save Image, then photo will now be saved on your camera roll

My new Wallpaper! Enjoy!

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