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She: And who in hell made you house den mother? You walk around here like you’ve got it all figured out. Well, if you’re so fixed and special, why don’t you go back to New Jersey or London or wherever the fuck you’re from?

He: I am going back, as soon as my BMI’s closer to my age. But right now, I’d rather try and help people than mope about feeling sorry for myself.

She: You have no idea how I’m feeling.

He: I never said I did.

She: And what? You wanna help people? What are you, a doctor now? You pretty proud of yourself?

He: Yes, I am, actually. I’m moving the needle in the right direction. Sorry if that scares you. But people actually go home sometimes and have a life, even people with fucked-up families. Yeah. There goes that fucking excuse again, huh?