Unlimited buffalo wings for lunch

Yes, you read it right. Unlimited Buffalo wings!

Today, I tried the unlimited buffalo wings in Jack Frost. The promo is only available every wednesday. It comes with unlimited spicy buffalo wings, unlimited rice and drinks at the price of 275.00. If you’re really hungry, you should try this.

They also served ice cream which is their primary product. I would recommend the “Queso” or “Double dutch” flavor. It’s a bit pricy but its really good and worth the price.

Here are some of the foods that they offer.

Called ate and ordered the unlimited promo. I waited for 30 minutes because they prioritized to cook the orders of the persons who arrived first. Also, here’s the “Crispy Pork Belly binagoongan” that my colleague ordered.

After few minutes later, the freshly cooked wings arrived. Smells really good and steaming. I don’t know if I can do more than six because it’s spicy at this point. I’m weak eating spicy foods.

So, I checked if it was really that “spicy” but not really after all. In fact, it’s really good and more like sweet than spicy. The taste was something you can remember for days. So I said to myself,“I can finish this batch.”

First batch done. So goood! Another batch came!

It was a slow battle on the second batch, I’m starting to get full but the technique for me is do not drink any water or iced tea to avoid feeling full. Everyone left in the resto and I’m still there. On to the last batch, ordered three more wings.

This time, hands up. I cannot eat anymore. It was a sweet battle and worth it. The total damage of my lunch is one and half cup of rice, 1 glass of iced tea and 15 finger-lickin good buffalo wings. Texted mom,”Hey mom, I will not eat dinner anymore today.”

You might think 15 buffalo wings is really a lot, it’s doable. Honestly, I can eat more but I need to go back to work. Probably next time!

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