Loga Logi Bhai

Once upon a time — it really was once upon a time — we used to sing the boys to sleep with these Deshi ditties. (I used to ad lib and substitute Tamil lines where the Deshi escaped me.) Sonati drew her “postcard” pictures, and bound it all into a book.

She had learnt these verses as a child, growing up in a large joint family in the Goalpara region of Western Assam. Goalparia, also known as Deshi is the language of these rhymes. The book lay dormant for Oh so many years; found a publisher who raised our hopes, but then let it lie dormant with him for many years.

Finally, the boys for whom it was written, decided to produce the book. And voilà: here it is.

For Deshi speakers with a Tamil husband and kids, it is a must have. But Sonati’s pictures make it a great buy for one and all. Order now while stocks last (which is always :-)

The book is available on Pothi.com, which ships to India as well as other countries. Click on the link above to place your order.