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Jul 29, 2016 · 41 min read

EPISODE 201 — Cut A

We’ve really enjoyed binging season 2. It is so great to be back with these characters. It is also terrific that we dive right in to some intense and engaging narrative threads. As we have reviewed the first episode in order to distill our editorial thoughts and suggestions, we think that it can be improved by: 1) finding ways to make the pace of the episode a bit more brisk; and 2) reorganizing some of the scenes to allow the key character threads in the episode to sustain their momentum.

201 Cut E — Locking Notes + Music Notes



Most of our notes on Ep. 2 relate to clarifying the relationship between several characters’ experiences, their motivations and their actions. Our suggestions are meant to help clarify cause and effect.

202 Cut E — Music and Locking Notes


EPISODE 203 — Cut A


203 Cut D — Locking Notes + Music Notes

203–7 into 203–9


204–1, 2, 3, & 4

EPISODE 204 — Music Notes + Locking Notes

204–1 into 204–11


Our most significant note on Ep. 205 is to propose restructuring the opening to dive right into Thackery. We suggest beginning the cold open with Thackery escorting Abby into the cab, snorting cocaine, prepping to get checked by Lucy and then proudly demonstrating on the patient’s brain. We would then go to the title card and then return to Sisters of Mercy with Harriet being scolded, and then Henry showing the daisy film (we particularly like that transition!). Then we would go to Bertie and Algernon at the black bar and Bertie and Genevieve breaking into the office. Finally we would be in Henry’s office with him getting the phone call.

EPISODE 206 — C Cut

Big thought here… Let’s move the Thackery / Musee scenes up to the top before Thackery dreams of Sonya in Abigail’s house. Then, after the opening title, have Thackery experiment on Cleary.

EPISODE 207 — Cut B

Can we explore beginning the episode with:

EPISODE 208 — Cut B

Our main suggestion on 208 is to restructure the episode so that it is built around the Gallinger story line from virtually the beginning until the end.

209 Notes — Cut D

A terrific penultimate episode for The Knick Season 2.

210 Notes Cut D

210 is fantastic. Just an incredible hour of television. We only have one note.

The Knick Notes

Read production notes from Seasons 1 & 2 of The Knick.

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The Knick Notes

Read production notes from Seasons 1 & 2 of The Knick.