Rejections don’t count, achievements are temporary.

Here’s a small message to everyone who tried and won, and to everyone who tried their best but couldn’t win…

Madhav Bahl
3 min readMay 18, 2021


It’s that time of the year when everyone will be posting about their selection in GSoC, getting new jobs or internships, and their achievements,

Here’s a message to those who fall in the above category, and those who don’t.

Did you win? Awesome!

If you are someone falling in the above category, you cracked GSoC? Or won that big hackathon? Or got that dream internship/job? Heartiest congratulations, you did a great job.

Here are 2 important points you should remember -

1. Don’t stop!

Achievements are temporary, victory is never permanent and loss is never final. So keep working!

No matter how many mountains you climb, life will always have a couple more mountains ready for you, feel excited to climb to the top!

2. Don’t hesitate to show your achievements!

Remember — Posting != Boasting

Showing your achievements on Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram is just a part of documenting your journey, it’s not bragging, and there’s nothing wrong with documenting your journey.

There will be people who will speak against you, who will write against you, who will openly show their hatred,

Remember, it’s them who are wrong, not you!

Some people will cheer for you, some will hate you, don’t let either of them get too much in your mind.

I couldn’t do it, what should I do?

Now, if you are on the other category, who was not able to crack GSoC, or win that hackathon, or get that job, here’s something for you -

1. Life doesn’t end here!

I never cracked GSoC, I never tried, and I have no regrets about it, I did many other things that I am proud of.

As I said above too, — Achievements are temporary, there’s no point in getting upset about not being able to win, you tried, and that’s what matters

2. Rejections don’t count

Alright, imagine that you are applying for jobs, and you got rejected 10 times, but, on the 11th time, you got your dream job.

No one’s going to ask you how many times you were rejected after you get the job you were looking for, everyone will just congratulate you.

Always remember, the number of rejections doesn’t count, once you get what you were looking for, all the efforts will be worth it.

3. Learn

One of the biggest mantras of my life is that “Gain experience from others’ experiences”.

Learn from those who tried and won, connect with them, ask them what did they do differently that they won, see their application, work, and performance, and adopt the useful parts in your life.

You don’t need to do everything from scratch, take help from those who came before you and provide help to those who will come after you, that’s how a community works!

Inspiration over competition

I’ve seen a lot of people hating others for showing their achievements on social media.

Ask yourself, if you put up some hate comment for someone who is sharing his/her achievement, what will be the outcome?

Let me tell you — one such incident happened very recently on LinkedIn (some of you might already know). Someone shared a hate post for a person who shared his achievement in his LinkedIn headline.

Can you guess the result? Most of the people commented against the person who wrote the hate post and supported the person who shared his achievement.

When you openly criticize someone or show hate, you end up doing wrong to your own self.

Remember, showing off achievements is much better than showing off hate.

Replace the word “competition” with “inspiration” and you will see the magic. Whenever someone does something good, whenever someone achieves something, instead of seeing him/her as your competition, take inspiration from him and set your goals.

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