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Three bad habits that aren’t actually bad.

Thinking about these three habits as bad was a mistake.

Are you ambitious?

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Ambitions without the willpower to take action leads to a life full of regrets!

Not all “bad” things are “bad”

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As long as it’s easily reversible, it’s not bad!

1. Wasting time

Why is it important?

Reason for misconception?

What can you do?

Schedule your free time!

Excess of something that cures, can kill.

2. Thinking and talking about money

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Why is it important?

Think about making money, think about good investments, think about success, but never let thoughts become your master. Control your thoughts and direct them for constructive growth

Reason for misconception?

“Working hard for money, yet not thinking or talking about how to make it grow” — Poor mindset

“Making your money work for you while you work for making an impact” — Rich mindset

What can you do?

Dream, but not make dreams your master;
Think, but not make thoughts your aim;

3. Asking for help

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Why is it important?

It’s not wise to waste all your time trying to figure out everything on your own, there are people more experienced than you who can teach you, guide you, and help you.

Reason why people don’t reach out for help?

What can you do?



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