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What’s louder than your voice?

If you’re not branding yourself, you can be sure others do it for you — June 2021 Newsletter

Can you think about what made all the difference?

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The best way to get known within your circle, is to get known outside your circle!

Coming back to the 6+6 months story…

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If you are good at something, why not let others know?

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Work hard and market!

Branding is for you!

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Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Why should I invest my time in building a personal brand?

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But, what should I do to create a brand?

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Your work speaks louder than your voice

What to do after improving the implicit brand?

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Working because you need/want to show — this is destructive and won’t work for a long time.

Working hard and showing to motivate others — this is constructive and will further increase your motivation.

How can I help you?

Ready to take up a challenge?

How was the month of June?

Here are a few top articles from the month of June -



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