Participatory Design — Visual Tools for Social Conversations

I’d like to recommend a book, Ezio Manzini “Design, When Everybody Designs” to all labbers. The following pages are practical cases that could help us to plan for the collaborative evaluation, how we can encourage citizens to talk about the community, and how we can open up their imagination of the community.

This book talks about design and social change in a connected world in transition toward sustainability: a world in which everyone constantly has to design and redesign their existence, whether they wish to or not; a world in which many of these projects converge and give rise to wider social changes; a world in which the role of design experts is to feed and support these individual and collective projects — and thus the social changes they may give rise to.

The case studies are divided into three main categories:
1. Conversation subjects
2. Conversation prompts
3. Experience enablers

We might think of how our collective evaluation, and the prototyping phase could be, when we’d like to encourage citizens to share their stories.

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