Reflection on first field work

My first job was reporter but I usually confirmed the details of the interviewees before visiting them. For this project, we do not have specific targets and could collect stories from anyone on street. It is quite challenging for me.

I partnered with Vivian on my first field work. We wandered around the public estate near the library and search for our targets on playground and park in which people were less busy. We were turned down by some elderlies and talked with one mother and two girls. We didn’t have much time to talk with them as they were in some kind of hurry. That’s why we couldn’t really collect “stories” from them but just some background information and their viewpoints on the district and the library.

While the daughter was playing with her father at the playground, we took the chance to talk with the mother sitting aside. The family moved to this district last year. The little girl is at K1 level, therefore the mother usually brings her to the playground at leisure time. The mother said there were sufficient playgrounds but not enough malls in this district. They seldom go to the library because the mother thought the daughter is too young and would disturb other readers. The conversation ended after 10 minutes when they had to go home.

We talked with two girls at the football court next to the playground. They just finished the class at the tutorial center. One of them lives in Shek Kei Mei but comes to Sham Shui Po for tutoring every day while another lives in this district. They are senior students at the primary school. The Shek Kei Mei girl spends most of her time studying at the tutorial center and does not have much time for leisure activities. The Sham Shui Po girl seems to have more time and usually play computer games at home. She also goes to the library with the family but she would just borrow the books and then leave immediately.

It is quite difficult to ask them about ideal lives in Sham Shui Po because of the limit of time. We also did not have chances to invite them for further talk and to leave the contact to them. Anyway it was a good start and I am looking forward to my next field work.

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