List of resources for nixos that will help you learn nixos.
List of resources for nixos that will help you learn nixos.

NixOS Resources

List of resources for nixos that will help you learn nixos.

Resources list for nixos beginner users.


I’m a NixOS user. Last year, I permanently switched from Ubuntu to NixOS, and now It is my primary operating system.

I’ve been using nixos for over a year; as a primary laptop, I face a big problem with nixos lack of documentation or resources.

Due to a lack of resources and documentation, most new developers fear using nixos.

I will share my favourite resource in this tutorial, which I collected during my one-year journey and which helps you learn nixos more efficiently and quickly.

I will divide the resource list into four categories to understand it better.

  1. Website / Documentation
  2. YouTube Tutorial
  3. NixOS Conference
  4. Tools
  5. Bonus Point

Website / Documentation

A few other websites and GitHub repositories related to nixos documentation are available and maintained by a community of developers and companies.

The following website and GitHub repositories cover topic related to nixos, from advanced to beginner.

Every website doesn’t cover every topic; following other websites makes it easier to understand nixos.

For example, nix module are hard to understand on one website. Switch to another website, and you can easily understand Nix module topics.


YouTube Tutorial

I found some YouTubers that cover topics related to nixos. I know you don’t see many YouTubers and YouTube tutorials due to a lack of a user base, but you can trust them, which I mentioned here.

  1. (Subscribe it Now)
  2. (Subscribe it Now)
  3. (Watch The Nix Hour live)

NixOS Conference

I know a few Nixos conferences are available on the internet, but I recently found two interesting ones on YouTube.

One is led by the nixos (maybe) team, and the second is by scale. Both conferences are available on YouTube.

Both are working as conferences and hackathons, and the primary purpose is to teach developers about nixos.



NixOS has a growing community of developers yearly; developers have built many tools for nixos. But I used a few of them.


For others, you can visit the Awesome Nix repository to check all the available tools or software built with and for nixos.

Bonus Point

  1. (Recommended)
  2. (Recommended)
  3. (Research paper)


The following list is just the start. You can bookmark this article for the future. If I can find tutorials, lists, etc., related to nixos, I can add them to my article list.

The best advice is to follow the Awesome Nix GitHub repository. It is the best resource list related to nixos.

If you know a good resource for nixos, please tell me in the comment section, and I will mention it in my articles.

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