Postpartum: The Musical

The latest taboo-buster from HelloFlo tackles the bodily indignities of new motherhood.

HelloFlo just released its third taboo-busting viral video and as we’ve come to expect after “Camp Gyno” and “First Moon Party” it is subversive and hilarious. Postpartum: The Musical tackles the realities of new motherhood in the form of torn orifices, chapped nipples, leaky urine and other realities of new motherhood that are generally kept far out of polite conversation. If you were looking sing along to lyrics about vaginas, blood, pus, placenta, mastitis, afterbirth, nipple pain and kegels, this is the musical for you.

(If you’re far from thinking of kids and are freaked out by the havoc it will wreak on your body, you should probably watch it too, because reality. Also people do recover and go on to lead normal, happy lives.)

Signs that HelloFlo’s taboo-busting is working: massive mainstream media pickup, including from Time,, Bustle, AdWeek, Fast Company and the Jewish Daily Forward.

Here’s a great interview we did with HelloFlo founder (and Lister!) Naama Bloom after “First Moon Party” came out, on the challenges of being an entrepreneur in a space where consumers are desperate for attention but investors are uneducated and uncomfortable. Favorite quote: “Getting an investor to write you a check is not success. Success is building something that matters and that has staying power.”

And, it should be said, capitalizing on that success — it should be noted here that “Postpartum: The Musical” was meant to announce HelloFlo’s “New Mom Kit” for the so-called “4th trimester” (yes that’s a thing) — including nipple cream, breast pads, leak-resistant underwear and Always pads. As Shakespeare said, “All things are ready, if our mind be so.” And, it seems, our vaginas.

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