So long and thanks for all the fish.

Rachel Sklar
Aug 22, 2015 · 3 min read
Amy Poehler, because who doesn’t love Amy Poehler?

Today is the our last day working formally with Medium on @ Medium collection (tagline: “Worth Your Time”). We’ve loved bringing awesome content by and about awesome women to you for the past 17 months (why 17? Why not?) and we appreciate all the love you’ve showered on us in the form of shares, recommends, comments and extravagant gifts. We will still be keeping the collection active but will be switching our focus back to newsletter, relaunching this summer though probably in the part of summer mistakenly referred to as “fall” (what is the deal with that anyway?). In any case, sign up here!

To mark this day — this random hot Saturday in August, when we’re sure you’re totally checking the Internet — we wanted to publish a list of our Top 25 posts. So here they are:

1. Where Don Draper ends, D.B. Cooper begins — Lindsey Green

2. I’m 41, Single & Pregnant — Rachel Sklar

3. Papa, Please Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Princesses — Sara Chipps

4. The Cult of Busy — Dina Kaplan

5. “What’s one thing you’ve learned at Harvard Business School that blew your mind?” — Ellen Chisa

6. The Prettiest Girl at the Party — Rachel Sklar

7. #YesAllWomen, and Yes, Me — Rachel Sklar

8. 64 Ways to Think About a News Homepage — Melody Kramer

9. Age 40: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That — Amanda Clayman

10. How I Gained and Lost 60 Pounds as an Entrepreneur — and So Can You! — Leslie Bradshaw

11. Two Years To No Lies — Dina Kaplan

12. Stop Equating Women in Tech With Engineers — Rachel Sklar

13. I’m Not Sorry — Dina Kaplan

14. Y Combinator + Being a Mom — Susan Johnson

15. A Blizzard of Privilege — Glynnis MacNicol

16. What I Learned When I Posed For Playgirl — Jessanne Collins

17. Where the Fuck is Princess Leia? — Glynnis MacNicol

18. Hacking Happiness — Dina Kaplan

19. When Excellence Isn’t Enough — Ellen Chisa

20. A Culture of Extraordinary — Stacy London

21. Off to the Races: My Summer Job as the Only Teenage Girl at the Racetrack — Glynnis MacNicol

22. Have Some Coffee — Ellen Chisa

23. A Survival Guide for the Millennial Entrepreneur — Leslie Bradshaw

24. The Morning Routines of 13 Ambitious Millennial Women — Rhonesha Byng

25. Amy Pascal and the Unbearable Whiteness of Hollywood — Binta Brown

We’re pretty proud of the work we published, even in this last week: Nithya Das with Hotwheels Are For Girls Too plus Feminist Comedy #SquadGoals about how Amy Schumer lifts up her friends (also our first and only post from a gentleman, The Comic’s Comic Sean McCarthy who graciously agreed to republish it here), and so many good posts from people like Christina Wallace, Anthea Watson Strong, Marianne Cooper, Susan McPherson, Ally Downey, Nisha Chittal, Ruth Ann Harnisch, Kara de Frias, Amy Webb, Kate Miltner, Sloane Davidson, Whitney Joiner, Sally Kohn, Rebecca Soffer, Merici Vinton, Adaora Udoji, Aubrey Sabala, Bridget Todd, Morra Arons-Mele, Amelia Showalter, Anjali Kumar, Jenna Wortham, Jules Spector, Nono Osuji, Kathleen Warner, Marci Harris, Jessica Jackley, Anastasia Liapis, Heather Barmore, Rebecca Odes, Shonda Rhimes, Cindy Gallop, Tanya Tarr, Jody Porowski, (with one of my all-time favorites — I Sold My House To Fund My Company — come on, she sold her HOUSE to fund her company!) and many more.

We will continue to publish good stuff over here, but like anything else on the Internet, it will change and morph and grow and iterate. It’s the Internet. Don’t get too comfortable. After all, death lurks everywhere.

Happy random Saturday in August! We’ll see you on the other side.


(NB: This is top posts by views — the top post by ‘Recommends’ goes to Sara Chipps. We also only included posts that were organic to this collection, i.e. originated from

Rachel Sklar is the co-founder of and co-editor of @ Medium and man, is her baby patient for just sitting there quietly while she wrote this.

Image via Parade. @ Medium

Worth your time.

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Media addict on the loose. Changing the ratio. Loving the ladies. Singing the showtunes. @ Medium

Worth your time.

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