Welcome to The Local

The future of health care is local.

The Local is a storytelling platform that brings a human dimension to health data.

Our mission is to tell stories that bring out the unique characteristics of different parts of Toronto, give voice to people who have poor health outcomes and are often not heard, and ultimately, inform how services could be improved and be more equitable.

Stories are organized by sub-regions of the city, consistent with the boundaries of the Toronto Central LHIN.

No data without stories, and no stories without data.

The Local borrows tools from ethnography, digital storytelling and journalism to look beyond what data can tell us about the issues, needs, gaps, and opportunities from a human experience standpoint. Longform writing, short documentaries, podcasts and photo essays are among the formats we love. But each story is presented in the format that is most appropriate for that particular piece.

Our approach is to let the data lead us to the stories, and then to let the stories take us beyond the data. We rely a lot on the following neighbourhood-level datasets to guide our storyfinding: City of Toronto’s neighbourhood demographics and Toronto Central LHIN’s sub-region profiles.

The Local is an initiative of UHN OpenLab, a design and innovation shop at the University Health Network. Funding for The Local comes from the Toronto Central LHIN, but our team is editorially independent. The stories we produce do not necessarily reflect the views of the funder.

Editorial Team:

Tai Huynh, editor-in-chief

Jen Recknagel, multimedia producer

Nicholas Hune-Brown, features editor

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