Top 3 Habits of Billionaires

“Success leaves clues…” — Preston Pysh

Preston and Stig study billionaires at The Investors Podcast. And they say success leaves clues. If you haven’t heard of them yet, these two gentlemen read and review the books billionaires write and recommend.

Their short video, Top 3 Habits of Billionaires, is a MUST VIEW for anyone interested in optimizing their ability to succeed. Preston notes the first habit is a simple idea; Billionaires align their natural skills with their intense interests. He provides a extremely useful exercise which allows you to figure out where your own skills and interests overlap. The second ‘habit’ common among billionaires is persistence and focus. Preston gives examples of this from the lives of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. The last common thread Preston noticed during his research is billionaires intense interest in learning and their unshakable ethics.

If you’re constantly finding yourself pressed for time, Preston recommends turning your car into a ‘learning laboratory’ and using audio books. He’s been doing this for nearly a decade now. Or, jump start your ‘learning machine’ by reviewing the executive summaries The Investors Podcast provides.