311 in Dallas (2018 Report)

what, where and how are people reporting?

There were 839,156 ‘311 reports’ in Dallas in 2018. They are broken down as follows. Check this link to see and play with the map.

There was a remarkable similarity between north and south (using I-30 as the dividing line):

By City Council District:

By Month:

The data has an ‘outcome’ column, and the calls where broken down as follows:

There are a number of ways to report to 311, and those were broken down like this:

Now to the type of calls that were received (limited to types with over 1000 calls). Seems like people don’t like (also, the new title of my upcoming album) litter, garbage, weeds and dead animals :

Here are all the types reported (ranked by number of total calls — top left down, then over):

And finally, by department:

And there you have it. Everyone stop littering, garbaging, high-weeding and dead animaling and we’ll take a big load off our code department.