But ‘where’ in Dallas County are people early voting?

this matters too

You’ve probably heard by now that we’re breaking early voting records in Dallas County. Overall, given our horrific historic record of civic engagement with voting here, that’s kind of like being proud a human beat a blind giraffe in an archery contest. But hey, it’s a step. If you’re part of a group to ‘get out the vote’ by texting me over and over then you’ve done a hell of a job.

59,389 people voted on Monday. The last time we weren’t voting for a president, only 13,036 people voted. And more people voted on the first day of early voting this year than on the same day in the 2016 presidential election cycle — 58,775. That’s pretty remarkable.

What might be more interesting is where people are voting.

As you’ll see below, in the more Republican, northern side of Dallas (that historically shows up to vote more) about 5,000 less people voted than in 2016. In southern Dallas County, about 6,000 more people voted.

It may mean a lot, it may mean nothing (and it may change drastically) but here’s where and how many people voted in Dallas County on Monday.

2016, day 1 — About 10,000 more people voted in the northern half of the county:


2018, day 1 — 2 days ago (that day it didn’t rain)…1,000 more people voted in the southern part of the county than the northern part.


I don’t think it’s any shock to say that southern Dallas is far more left than right (see below). It seems more people are getting to the polls (at least in Dallas), which has always been more of an issue for Democrats. It might not mean anything, but there it is — take it as you will.

Trump vs. Hillary wins by Precinct (2016)
US House (Dallas County)

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