3d Election Result Maps for Dallas County

One of these days I want to be as violently passionate as John King in front of an interactive map.

Get out Nevada!

He is, without a doubt, the Tom Cruise/Tony Stark of election mapping.

Unfortunately for you, I am not as cool as they are. But I will still do my best. Here are the number of voters by precinct:

looking from the south (left), from the west (right)

Here are votes in Dallas County for Beto v. Ted:

And an easier to see 2d version, without a visual for total number:


The TRE for Dallas ISD passed! I’ve never been more proud of my fellow Dallasites. Such a huge win for Dallas kids and a great sign that we value education.

Percent for the TRE (red, 0–50%, orange 50–0%, blue 60–65%, green 65–10%)
number of voters by precinct for the TRE

I would post more, but all Dallas County maps pretty much look exactly like the Beto v. Cruz map, and other counties don’t do as good a job as Dallas County in releasing their data in usable formats.

Finally, brighten the rest of your day with a little more fun with John King.