Wear Masks Now To Crush the Curve — An Open Letter From Healthcare Workers To Patients

If you agree with this letter, the CDC’s mask-wearing recommendations, and the scientific data that we have aggregated, then please sign this letter.

We the below signed healthcare professionals believe that wearing masks is the right thing to do from a medical perspective to fight the spread of COVID–19.

But to do that, we need all your help if you want to go back to work, reopen schools, and bring back a more normal life.

As your doctors, your nurses, your healthcare workers, and health administrators, we want to relay why this advice to you, our friends, our neighbors, and our patients. Universal mask-wearing is beneficial to our community and necessary to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are three very important reasons to wear masks now:

  • Wearing masks now is the good, right, and the American thing to do to save lives and get back to work.
  • Wearing masks will greatly expand the number of businesses and places of worship that could potentially reopen.
  • Wearing masks worked in South Korea, a country with whom America shares deep commercial and cultural ties.

People without any symptoms are carrying the coronavirus. But if they wear a mask, they stop spreading it.

Since nobody knows who has the virus, that’s why everyone needs to wear a mask to stop the spread of the disease which has shut down our economy.

Even a cotton mask can cut an infected person’s expulsion of viral material by up to 99% according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Read more about the facts here.

If you’re walking in the park or down a sidewalk; going to the store, the office, or a meeting, you’ll need to wear a mask. Your mask protects them, their mask protects you. And it protects your family.

Please wear masks whenever you leave your home.

Your country, your neighbors, and your family are counting on you.


The MasksNow Coalition Medical Advisory Board



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