Dubai — Thematic among 8 most promising fintech startups at Seamless

Thematic co-founder Harun Dulic presenting at Seamless Dubai

Seamless is one of the leading fintech and e-commerce technology conferences and exhibitions. It gathered leading companies from around the world to exhibit in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 10–11 April 2019.

Thematic co-founder Harun Dulic presenting at Seamless Dubai

Thematic, ethical thematic investing startup, got invited to Seamless as one of top 8 most promising fintech startups, and got the chance to exhibit and present along with large companies such as Mastercard, Paypal and Salesforce.

With 10 000 attendees visiting the two-day event, Seamless was an amazing experience and it was a great honor for Thematic to be recognized as one of the most promising fintech startups.

Salesforce, PayPal and Mastercard were some of companies presented at Seamless in Dubai

Many visitors showed interest in Thematic and we got a lot of feedback from people coming from all across of the world, as well as partnership inquiries, which will help Thematic in its mission to make ethical finance more accessible.

Thematic is an app that empowers you to build a solid, diversified, long-lasting portfolio. To find out more, head over to Thematic and sign up for early access.