Time to Take Action

This is where the rubber meets the road.

I’ve been contemplating my entire existence for the past several months and gained invaluable insights that helped me build a solid foundation for my new life.

Now it’s time to take action.

My personal development still needs a lot of work, but that is a lifelong process so I can’t wait until it is done to start living my dream. Because it will never be done.

As long as I continue to live, I will continue to grow.

For now, I’ve equipped myself with the necessary values, habits, and qualities to take the first steps in my new journey…

…and I will continue to grow with every step I take.

The fear is still strong and there is a ton of uncertainty, but as Srinivas Rao, from the Unmistakable Creative, said:

Your ability to take action in the face of unanswered questions is essential to accomplish anything of significance.

At first glance, this quote alone seems intimidating. But I’ve learned that taking action does not necessarily mean making huge, bold moves. It simply means taking steps to get you closer to your goal.

Regardless of how small or insignificant they may seem.

These seemingly simple actions/steps/decisions, if repeated consistently overtime, will compound to bring massive results. THIS IS A FACT.

The key is consistency and patience.

This philosophy is what Jeff Olson, author and entrepreneur, refers to as the “Slight Edge” in his book by the same name.

In The Slight Edge, Olson says that we are the result of every little decision we make in our lives. No matter how insignificant, when compounded over time, all of the little decisions we make yield big results. Either good or bad.

It is a simple but powerful truth and the principle also applies to success.

Our view of success is often distorted because we only see the finished product, but fail to see the small, consistent actions that it took to achieve it.

We see Olympic athletes killing it at the games and getting the gold. From an outside perspective, success appears to be that glorious moment of victory. But we don’t see the small, consistent, repetitive, and often mundane actions, it took them to get there.

This is a common illusion which only makes success seem intimidating and unattainable. But if broken down into small, bite-sized pieces, success seems a lot more digestible.

One of the reasons I am documenting my journey in this blog is precisely to show you the many little actions it takes to be successful. There is no magic pill, quick fix, or shortcut. It takes time and requires a lot of patience.

My new friend Amin Lakhani (aminl.com) — a recent inspiration for me — is a testament to the Slight Edge principle. He has been patiently, but consistently taking smalls steps to build his dating/style coaching business. He has built a solid brand and is on his way to becoming a successful coach and entrepreneur.

He is now holding me accountable for taking my own little steps. Just like having a gym buddy, it really helps to have someone keeping you on check and holding you accountable for your progress.

Here are some of the small steps that I’ve committed to and will be making consistently:

  • Starting this blog and posting on a weekly basis documenting my journey and providing tips, insights, lessons that might help you on your own journey.
  • Getting on all of the popular social platforms and post regularly to reach a wider audience and share my journey with the world.


As you may have noticed, my profile name has changed. I recently had a vision of the exact path I want to follow. It has never been this clear and I’ve never been so excited about any of my ideas before.

I will tell you all about it and why I chose it in my next blog post.

Stay tuned…