Propel Your Creative Career Forward With Live Streaming

Live streaming is a powerful tool in the modern creative’s toolbox, no matter whether you are an established artist that is looking to expand your audience and develop closer relationships with your fans, an up-and-comer hoping to get discovered, or an amateur who just wants to share your passion and find like-minded people.

Here are some ways creatives can benefit from live streaming:

Grow new audiences and get discovered

On live streaming platforms it’s easy to gain exposure to new audiences. Unlike Instagram whose home page displays posts from accounts you follow, the home pages of live streaming platforms are typically set up to facilitate discovery, displaying streamers that are live at that moment. This means that the more you go live, the more likely people are to stumble upon your stream.

And right now, in comparison to Youtube and Instagram, live streaming platforms are far less saturated, meaning that it is relatively easier to stand out and make a name for yourself. This happened to Izzy, a streamer on the livestreaming app Tagged.

Izzy originally started using live streaming as a way to meet new people. She has always loved writing poetry and performing spoken word and one day decided to share a poem with her viewers. They loved it and now she hosts weekly poetry slams which have become very popular on Tagged, so much so that she got recruited to become a radio DJ in Atlanta where she lives.

Izzy at the Highly Unique Radio station

Even talent with large audiences on other platforms can benefit. During a recent interview for the Stream Wars podcast, recording artist Lindita shared that even though she has 530K followers on Instagram, many of them are from Europe, so live streaming on the platform Tagged has exposed her to a whole new demographic that may not have heard her music before.

Furthermore, many platforms are currently seeking top talent. If you are creating unique programing and are willing to consistently live stream and provide high quality content, there may be opportunities to collaborate and have your stream promoted by the platform.

Develop closer relationships with your fans

Other than meeting with them in real life, there is no better way to strengthen your relationship with your fans than through live streaming.

Why’s that? Well put yourself into your fan’s shoes. Think about how excited you would get if an artist you admire responded to your comments on Instagram. Now think about how you would feel if that same person responded to you with their voice immediately after you asked the question, looking straight into the camera at you, just like you were there in-person having a conversation with them. That’s the feeling of live streaming.

Another way to take that relationship even further is to take them behind the scenes or to share significant milestones with them. For example, Izzy has taken her followers along on her journey of becoming a radio DJ, live streaming during her shows at the radio station.

Another example comes from Lindita who recently released a new song, “Holiday.” Releasing a song and hearing it play on a major radio channel in the US is a momentous occasion and she brought her Tagged followers along for the ride. She knew that the song was going to play around a certain time, so she hopped on the live stream and all her fans were there the moment it came on. Lindita became so emotional she began crying, and her fans were sending her virtual gifts and congratulating her which made the moment all the more special.

Singer songwriter and Tagged streamer Lindita feeling overwhelmed by the love from her fans when she hears her song on the radio for the first time during her Tagged live stream

Build confidence and get immediate feedback

For newer artists and creatives, live streaming is a great way to put your work out there and perform in front of a live audience, without all the pressure that comes from getting up in front of an in-person live audience. Many creatives have shared that it is slightly less intimidating because you can’t see people’s faces and expressions.

Performers have also pointed out that live streaming audiences tend to give them much more feedback than a regular audience does. At a live venue they may not have the opportunity to speak with the audience, or audience members may feel awkward giving suggestions (and even compliments!) to their face, whereas people hiding behind a phone screen have more confidence to speak up.

Lindita is already accustomed to performing on stage, but for new artists, live streaming can be a great way to practice before facing a live audience.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits, here are some tips:

  • Just like growing a following on any other platform, it takes time and consistency is key. Ideally stream 5+ days per week for several hours each time.
  • Don’t be afraid that your niche is too small. If you keep sharing your talents, eventually word will spread and you will attract your tribe. Izzy made her poetry slams a regular event and now 30 slams later, it has become a well-known weekly event on Tagged.
  • Take advantage of tools on the app such as Guest Broadcaster and Battles to create a show that allows your audience to interact with you and possibly show off their talents as well.
  • Think about how you can use live streaming to take your audience behind the scenes and share special moments with them

Nowadays creatives must actively be using as many social media platforms as they can in order to get their get their name out there. Live streaming is an untapped opportunity to reach a new audience and connect with them in highly interactive ways that you never have before.