Stream Wars Podcast Ep. 10: Battles — Bringing A Competitive Dynamic To Live Streaming

Today, we’re once again looking at live streaming from the product development perspective, going behind the scenes of Battles, a new feature that recently launched on the MeetMe app.

I have on Jeremy Zorn, Head of Product at The Meet Group US, to share with us what are Battles, why did The Meet Group decide to add this feature to the MeetMe app, how has The Meet Group modified Battles to suit its audience, and how will the feature impact both streamers and viewers.

Jeremy also gives some tips for streamers who want to get the most out of the battles feature.

Download the MeetMe app to see the Battles feature in action, and stay tuned for next week’s post where we go deeper into the history of the feature, showing how its been used in China and the way battles (or PK as they call it) has developed on platforms such as Inke, MOMO, and YY.