Stream Wars Podcast Ep. 7: MeetMe Top Streamer Holly on the Power of Community to Transform Lives

This week’s guest is top MeetMe streamer Holly. If you’re a MeetMe user or streamer, you probably know who she is. Holly is not only A top streamer but THE top streamer on MeetMe in many ways from virtual gifts earned, number of viewers, contests won, and more.

Last year, Holly, a self-proclaimed socially awkward loner, hopped on MeetMe to make friends and discovered live streaming. She gave it a try and immediately became hooked. She has streamed every day since, and that was over a year ago! In this episode we talk about her streamer journey and some of the things that have made her successful, consistency being one of them!

From this episode it is obvious how seriously Holly takes her streaming career and she reveals the amount of effort that goes into planning fun, entertaining, and original content for her viewers.

We also talk quite a bit about the importance of building a community and how she goes about doing that. A couple interesting points she makes:

  • Remember that your community is what makes you a top streamer, without them you are nothing
  • On days that she is tired she reminds herself that her live stream is about something bigger than herself
  • It is important for your top fans to bond not only with you the streamer, but with each other

We also discuss the difficulties of live streaming at Disneyland but why it’s worth it and I also ask her what she dislikes about live streaming. I thought she had an interesting answer for that.

A couple quick notes, during the episode Holly often says ‘lives’ which simply means live streams, she also mentions bouncers, which we’ve explained in previous episodes, but a bouncer on MeetMe is a viewer that the streamer has given administrative privileges to, bouncers are able to help control the chat within the stream and kick people out if necessary.

She also says Ohana, which she ends up explaining at the end, but essentially she refers to her community as her ‘Ohana” which comes from the movie Lilo and Stitch, it is a Hawaiian word meaning family.

To learn more about Holly, check her out on MeetMe or follow her on Instagram @HollyCalifornia27

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