Stream Wars Podcast Episode 9: Propel Your Creative Career Forward With Live Streaming

This week we speak with Lindita and Izzy, two amazing live streamers from the platform Tagged who will be sharing with us how they have incorporated live streaming into their careers as creatives and entertainers.

Lindita is a singer songwriter, originally from Europe and now based in the US. If you’re a fan of American Idol you may recognize her from season 15 where she made it into the top 25. Over the past year or so Lindita has started using live streaming as a way to gain exposure to new audiences and develop closer relationships with her fans. In our interview she shares how live streaming benefits her career and why she thinks all entertainers need to be doing it.

Then I speak with Izzy, a poet and radio DJ. Izzy originally started using live streaming as a way to get over a bad breakup and after performing spoken word one day discovered that it really resonated with her viewers on Tagged. Now she hosts weekly poetry slams which have become very popular on Tagged, so much so that she got recruited to become a radio DJ in Atlanta where she lives. It’s an incredible story.

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Lindita - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tagged: @linditaworld

Izzy — Twitter, Instagram and Tagged: @IzzDoesItBetta

To submit music to Izzy for her radio show, email her at

The name of the app/radio show is Highly Unique Radio, the sokoldaffair

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